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Cabin On The Edge

Game-ready stylized low-poly cabin diorama. Home of a local witch and two little creepy crawlies. Staff pick on Sketchfab 6.6.2020.

Modeled in Maya 2019
Textured in Photoshop
Rendered in Sketchfab
2k textures
6.1k triangles

I wanted twisted and bent look with lots of pointy shapes for the cabin. This was to create uneasy and alerting feeling. This was enhanced by placing the cabin right on the edge with some stepping stones nearly falling off the ground. I wanted minimum amount of round shapes to not give eyes too many resting places.

For the colors I chose something little out of this world. I liked how yellow ground contrasted with blue roof. For the walls green fitted the best with purple. These kind of colors would be fitting for a witch and give off poisonous and slightly evil wibe.

All criticism and opinions very welcome!

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Looks cozy as heck! :D

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very cool! I'm trying to get into the stylized characters/environment creation , do you have any pointers?

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What I've learned so far is to focus on strong exaggerated shape language. If you're going for low-poly 3d environments it's good to squish everything out of every vertex. Bend and twist things and do not waste an opportunity to create an interesting shape.

I think same principles can be applied to the texture creation, which I still have a lot to learn. Overall texture creation skills will benefits from all you do at 2d-level. From sketching to oil painting. It just takes lot of time and practice. :)

For further reading on stylized environment creation I'd recommend Shem Dawson's (Lead Artist at Blizzard) blog on Artstation.