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Long way home

By Antrague
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If you ask me, it was a bit of rude to make old fellow run back and forth all the way. Simba could have easily give him a ride :)
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Rafiki: hwa getty up my mighty sted!

Simba: huh?😶

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Imagine that battle cry
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pffffff, that's true, maybe he knew a short cut?
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Maybe he just didn't want to be hit on the head again
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It's a long way down over lava's leap but falling's half the fun!  
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As much as I'd love to see this, I'm glad they didn't do it. Why? Because I would've passed out from laughing so hard.
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Hahaha, if this had happened in the film I think I would have died laughing. Great idea! I can hear Rafiki cackling manically XD
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...I'm not apologizing. Someone had to do it
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It was totally worth saying :3
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If it ain't broke...
Dammit, I want a lion ride too!!
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that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Do you take commissions?
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