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The Tip Of The Grass

By antontang
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Weirdest question ever but...

Where do you get these little guys?
And what are they made of?
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Cute!  Reminds me of Cardbo from Yotsuba&!
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i love the general scenery feel to it. So cute~
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your pictures made me fall in love with danbo. mad awesome : )!
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i like the way you made the building in the background look smaller
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Thank you very much !
Ftamy-bent-Hassan's avatar
Great ..
It's looks like he really worry about something.^^
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oh nothing much, his just staring at the sky, hehe thanks for the view!
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Thank you again !
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N'aww ~ They're so cute together! :heart:

By the way, is the background the ACM? I think I recognise the building...
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Oh yes it is ACM. haha, Thank you !
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No wonder... I went there for art class a few months ago so I recognised it haha. You're welcome! :meow:
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Goodness...this is wonderful and magnificent. :clap:
I like how Danbo's head is raised towards something...but being the bad-ass photographer you are, you meaningfully(and purposely) leave that object of attraction out of the picture....:paranoid:

Saying this was a "good" shot would be an understatement...:nod:
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Wow thank you so much for the compliment !!!! Im glad you love it haha !
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You're welcome. :meow:
Love your works!
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he's actually looking curiously at the tip of the fir-grass. wich is not out of the picture at all.
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Hmmm...I was referring to the mini-Danbo on Papa Danbo's boxy head....although you have a good point there....:constipated:

Thanks for the clarification. :)
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Wonderful colors and those two guys are just great =)
I got one (only the big one) by myself on my birthday in april - I´m so happy. I love this guy!
...and now I can make some nice shots on my own :sun:
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That is great~!!! I started with one danbo and now i have the full set. Keep shooting and have fun !! Thanks for the view !!
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what`s the full set? are there more sizes than those two?
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