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Broken in Desert

Hey! There are Tallaran Leman Russ, which crew has a problem with machine spirit.
Maybe some one ask that this tank too huge, but I like imagine in in such way! :la:
Arabian words on razor translated with Google, originally "Glory to the Emperor".
Tallaran symbol - converted Africa korps symbol.

Simple request for the first man who say which camo I used here! - Won by ~ChuteTrooper

Just colorued pensil pic

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The Imperium has got'n so frikin stupid over the last millenia that instead of pulling forth a wrench, a wielding torch, tons of ducktape and get to work they start praying to the rolling piece of scrap iron hoping it will get better while waiting for a god damn priest(a trained one, but still...) to fix it.
Spaceman43's avatar
Что за надпись на ковше?
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Император акбар!
Spaceman43's avatar
Иншала ,кек...
Katamariguy's avatar
Apparently, the Tallarn were originally supposed to be in Dawn of War 2. What a pity.
Taurkan's avatar
"Иах Хорус Шайтан! Опять комиссар кальян в моторном отсеке курил!"
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Нэкорошо, нэкорошо...
Alligator-Fists's avatar
Good to see your continued respect for the Hammer of the Emperor. I also like this desert scheme, as it seems totally in fitting with the universe.
toht981's avatar
Tankbusta: Oh ho ho! Wot a targit!!!
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Oh noes! All guns open fire!
BioWolff's avatar
Как поломан, так Леман Русс ?!!
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Ай паламата насяльника, слвсем не едеть, шайтан-дух-машина гневается, насяльника.
BioWolff's avatar
Вольно Джавшут, расслабьтесь, вы же комиссар, как, ни как !!!
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Ай канешна благорёдная астартеся насяльника, все расслабили уже давно...
BioWolff's avatar
Ты сильно не расслабляйся, а то :iconswtareljchriplz: ненароком !!!
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Ай, мудрая астартеса, спасибо научила!
BioWolff's avatar
Ты... это обращайся..., если что !!!
StugMeister's avatar
Nice concept - I love the Crusader-style turret and British WW2 desert camo. :D
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Thank you, sir! Gllad you like my idea :dummy:
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
AntonMoscowsky's avatar
Gonna to smach some nids with tracks, huh?
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
:giggle: may be ;p I been playing Nids on Dawn of wars. been kicking the poor guardsman butt xD
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