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Vaelidian Canyon City

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Hi! This time we're looking at an alien city in canyon on other planet. It has a strange architecture with a lot of tall towers and curved walls =] 
This commission is for The-Verpardess . I spent a lot of time trying to put things together in this picture =]

I hope you find this interesting, and have a nice day!


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great work !
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Fun, bold colors. I like the highlights on the bridge and the buildings. ^^
For the record, your gallery is just breath-taking... Really fantastic pieces within! ^^
Elij09's avatar
really expansive feeling
nOki19's avatar
damnnnnnn your getting better and better good job
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks, I'm trying to do my best!
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Nice. These two glossy bridges... really good. We talked about your water and you told me how you did it. I think you used the same technique here or? This (copy and flip the things above the horizon and use it like a mirror). Really well done. I have to try this out. That really makes your paintings so powerful.

One little thing I ve noticed: Everything fits together but this texture of the rock (right corner) sidetracks a bit the harmonious atmosphere of the painting. But that‘s critique at the highest stage. However, a nice, beautiful painting. Nod :) (Smile) 
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! I used similar technique - I selected the bridge surface and painted on top of it with fast straight brush strokes. Then I just added a texture I made with square brush =]

Thanks again for the feedback! Yes, this texture is a bit odd, I can see now =D
SciFiConceptArt's avatar
Thank you for the explanation. I am always happy to see new techniques and I really love it to try them out! 

Have a nice day!
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Thanks, have a nice day as well =]
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Oh damn this came out so much better than I thought it would! :la: and really close to what I was imagining as well, but perhaps even better than what I had a mind! :XD: (which isnt a bad thing of course, heh) but this really did come out beautifully! Goes to show how peaceful and pristine Vaelidius was before the second-coming Karnifex invasion. I always wanted to see the 'canyon city' brought to life, so this is wonderful to see done for my story! ^^ I love how you balanced all the flora and rocky terrain to blend in with the buildings. The rivers look so nicely done and fit in perfectly with this landscape! I guess what stands out most are those beautiful looking bridges - the shine on them just looks so wicked! I really adore this piece so much. I've definitely needed a bit of help from other artists to help bring more life to my project and I'm glad I found you to help me along with visualizing more of these ideas. So again, thank you so much for the wonderful commission! I appreciate it very much! :la:
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, I put a lot of time into this =]
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This is a nice piece. I like this utopian architecture and color palette. Those twin bridges look phenomenal too! 
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Love the Metallic bridges. They are sooo shiny.
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What great architecture design, and I love how the light catches on the shinny material of the bridges.  :D
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хахахаха камень с текстурой справа смешнючий
мосты отменные
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