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Hi everyone! This is a few villages by the river surrounded by huge trees and giant mushrooms. My fun stuff =] I think that these mushrooms cast a giant shadow over the villages late in the day, so it could look cool when everything around is sunlit and the villages are under the shadow.

The previous painting… caught a lot of faves. Thank you, It's very important and encouraging! I'm thinking about starting some kind of raffle or art giveaway somewhat soon =]


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I think the mushroom landscapes are wonderful, but whenever I see the white spots on red like that, I start humming the Mario Brothers song.
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Thanks! The classics never die =D
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mushrooms city Cool
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Looks beautiful! <3 Question, how did you draw the moss on the trees? :D
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Thanks! It's a free phototexture, I adjusted the opacity and painted over a bit =]
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Thanks for explaining Anton! I already thought that may be the case, but I had to know :D It looks great and you made sure it blends nicely with the surroundings :D I've never tried something like that before - I have made my fair share of wallpapers a long time ago - but those were anime - but I still played around with layer settings a lot and the like ;)
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Yeah, layers are powerful, but they can easily ruin the painting with their "photoshopped" appearance =(
So we have to be careful when using them!
And thanks for a nice comment, I really tried to blend the texture seemlessly!
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You're more than welcome! 

Hmm yes I try not to use many layers - sometimes I create a new layer just to build on top of the other - easier to erase stuff if I mess up. But the moment I'm somewhat happy with it I'll merge the layers again. I prefer to have artworks that only have around 5-6 layers. Now I'm working on one with three - :3 However my latest submission had a lot of layers - because it was more complicated art ;D 

How do you think about layer and brush settings such as burn/multiply/lighten? 
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I tend to work the way you desribed as well, trying to keep the number of layers as low as possible. This is just more handy, additinal free RAM is always good.

Multiply tends to work good in most cases, but I usually just try every blend mode possible and choose the coolest =D
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Yes so true, more free RAM can make a big difference (depending on your computer/laptop of course :D). There are a few cases in which I had to wait a while before Krita processed my huge brush strokes...

I love playing with the layer settings and colors. Sometimes they can give you a spark of inspiration for your new piece because your art can change radically by playing with such settings :D
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Шикарная иллюстрация для любого фэнтези романа!
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Outstanding job! It almost feels like I'm sitting there in that setting and looking out at everything nearby ^-^ Fantastic work!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
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You're welcome! Keep up the outstanding work! ^-^
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O.O wow.... just wow... you made an AMAZING job with the ambient and texture. It passes a cozy feeling :>
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Thanks! Struggled a lot with this though =D
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Totally worth it though!
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Love the idea, having giant mushrooms around my village would be awesome haha. It's also beautifully done, love the details!
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Thanks! Yeah, I wouldn't mind if such stuff existed in real life, not only in pixels =]
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Oh my god, this is absolutely gorgeous! Incredible work!
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Thanks! I put my art passion into this =]
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