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Leaving the jungle

Hi everyone! After a long journey through dangerous jungle we're leaving last trees behind and heading towards the desert. This is a very warm place. The further we go, the less plants and trees we will find. So we wait for a minute, knowing that dry desert ahead is dangerous and merciless. Then we take step forward into the unknown.

I hope you find this interesting, and have a nice day! =]


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I love the bright sky and the warm color palette for the rocks and mushrooms :) Plus, that reflection is so good! 
MetreyMishaoti's avatar
I love the contrast between the sky and the red rocks. Really fantastic piece!
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Really awesome, that definitely looks like a desert sky in the background. And something about reflections in still waters always really impresses me and you do it so well! ^_^
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Thanks! Yes, this is a fast reflection, but it suddenly makes the difference and adds to the depth of the image =]
SciFiConceptArt's avatar
I really like the way you use water in this painting. I will learn from it!
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Thanks! I painted water on a new layer, then made a copy of the top of the image, flipped it vertically, blurred it and cut out the part which overlaps the water layer selection. This is how you can get fast and relatively good reflection =]
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Thank you for the description! So helpfulNod :) (Smile) 
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This looks great! b)^^)b:happybounce: La la la la 
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You're welcome! :D
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"Journal  92

Still travelling.... with my companions.  Guess going towards the worlds equator since its getting hotter and hotter as go southwards. For some reasons the life forms here are more scared of my presence....and I have found some kind of land vehicle  tracks in between the marshes . Hppe to find some form of civilization and lets hope they don't act the same way their smaller cousins did. 
In other notes, Birdy almost crushed me again when he decided to "Feed".  He seems to grow more worrisome as we go Southwards. 
The " Native Munchkins" tried to pull a Gulliver on me. Still prefer to keep them around. Need to complain to someone about all of this....
Yovanka Out.
End  of Journal 92"
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Hi again Jinksa, and thanks for a nice story! I want to draw Yovanka and some other characters in your setting, but I'm terribly bad at drawing people =( I'm trying to boost my anatomy skills right now. Thank you again for inspiration! When I'm ready I will definitely mention your influence in the description of next deviations =]
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I love the color palette!
HyruleZelda4's avatar
Another nice work! OwO
I love it!
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xLeah7x's avatar
Oh, stunning lighting  and use of eye direction for your viewers!  The flow of the piece is really well put together and couldn't be more perfect.  Excellent warm colors and a very cool, calm tone for the piece makes this view complete.  Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks! Yes, I was experimenting a bit here and there with composition and eye direction =]
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Looks beautiful. Great job.
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