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High Tech, High Life

Hi everyone! This is the new cityscape. This was hard to come up with =]
We're in the suburb in the future. I believe people fly to the modern upper city to work and return to this village on holidays and vacations.
This is the happy world where most of the humanity problems are solved and people concentrate their efforts in science, art and peaceful living.  
The half-destroyed gate on the right is the architecture monument from the past.

I hope you like it, and have a nice day =]


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UsamahDraws's avatar
I'm feeling.....feeling that the FZD is strong with you........DO YOU FZD MUCH BRO??????   (FZD is my favorite btw love him to death, great works from you!)
AntonKurbatov's avatar
(by the way, that's my dog barking while I'm taking a sip of coffee *cough* alright what I was talking about)
UsamahDraws's avatar
Exactly!  Always taking a sip of that coffee and apologizing for the cough or voice due to sickness xD    hes freakin awesome.
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Yep, Feng is one of my inspirations for landscapes =]
slowingsky's avatar
wow yeah this looks amazing! I adore the colours and the composition looks great! I can really see this environment being in a game!:la:

It's interesting seeing you do such a structured environment for a change, your just as good at it as the more organic ones! :aww:
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! Organic stuff is much easier to paint =D But I'm trying my best!
MsArtGarden's avatar
I love the vibrance of the reds and blues. And all the little details you added really draw the eye all around your work. :D
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! This is one of the paintings which take long time for me to figure out =D
kathykin's avatar
I like how you just created an utopian world where I want to live (as usual). It has such a great perspective.
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it =]
SciFiConceptArt's avatar
I like the story of the painting and the nice contrast between the high tech city in the background and the wooden cabins in the foreground. 

One little critique as well: I think in the right corner you show a little sea (I can see the reflections of the houses) but for me It does not look like water. I could only guess cause of the reflections...
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! Yes, perhaps I could spend just a bit more time to indicate that this is water =]
pistachiohelmet's avatar
where the mushrooms at bro
AntonKurbatov's avatar
I even made the shapes of the upper city look like mushroom capes =]
AntonKurbatov's avatar
They're everywhere =D
DamienDed's avatar
Wonderful landscape with a good mix between a traditional design and a futuristic one for the buildings.
Good work. :)
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! I tried to emphasize the difference between two regions of the city =]
Raven-Halloween's avatar
beautiful. Only one question. Is that water on the right? Or the continuation of a pillar of the suspended platform?
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! This is the water =] I added a lot of plants and greenery to show this, but I guess this wasn't enough =(
Raven-Halloween's avatar
ah dude its perfect! If you really want to underline that is water just make the reflection slightly wobblya and it will be even more obvious. But you know, i like that it can be read as both, leaves a bit of freedom to the viewer
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks for the tip! I guess I was just lazy or on the time pressure (or both at the same time). I just thought this part is not that important =] But thanks for the feedback, looks like I have to add more indication of the water next time.
Raven-Halloween's avatar
no problem! But it was perfect nontheless
CrobaWolf's avatar
I'd love to live in a city like this,it must have more interesting stories to happen,really cool:)
Future is not limited it could be any possibility
AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks! Sky is the limit =] I agree, this place could be interesting, but it needs a strong writer to make a cool story in this setting =]
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