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CrobaWolf's Tree of the world

Hi! This is the commission painting for - Tree of the world. The giant tree is the center of the world, and it's surrounded by mountains and human kingdoms. It's so huge that nobody can reach the roots hidden in the magical forest. Legends tell that God lives there. God actually lives there and sometimes descent to visit human towns, but nobody can recognize him. 
This is a nice idea and setting to paint!


My commission information

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Every coffee is important and appreciated!

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Wow! Fantastic... It's for a fantasy book or something like that?
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Hi, and thanks! Sorry for not answering for so long, I've so busy these days =(
I guess it's just a CrobaWolf's idea. This deviant has a lot of interesting stuff in their gallery as well as in their imagination =]
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Горы и облака получились особенно роскошными, прямо завораживает!
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Спасибо, над горами старался в меру поработать кистями в свободном обмазывающем стиле
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Really beautiful. :)
The lighting effects create perfectly a feeling of distance.
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Thanks! I hope so =D
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This is gorgeous! I love the mountains, the clouds, the reflections in the water (everything about it, really haha). 
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Thanks! I tried to use some new painterly techniques while painting mountains and forests =]
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Thanks for your art! You do have a good sense of epic style
It's nice to cooperate with you;)
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Thank you too! It's a pleasure to paint for you =]
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Amazing! I love the composition 
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Thanks! I painted a few composition sketches, CrobaWolf chosen this one =]
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Amazing!! Astonishing lighting and awesome texture, plus a great composition!
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Thanks! I tried to emphasize the bright fields colors and sloped horizon line =]
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Very beautiful! The painting texture looks awesome here :D
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Thanks! The photo I used to extract the color for the fields is one of my favorites.
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Wow, this is incredible! Love the art style!
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I like the rendering. Which brush is used here?
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Thanks! I use brush back =]
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