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Medieval brewery


Finally I found sometime to do it, awesome concept by Mark Henriksen (mavhn). It take one month everyday in my freetime,
was very funny to do it. It is not exactly like the concept I just added some props. So, I hope you like it! Check it out the other images in the artstation (linked).

Mark Henriksen concept:
Medieval Brewery

If you want to see the wips (36 images):…


Check it out the 3D model!…
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Very good!!!
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Awesome hand painting. Chapeau!
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Thanks man, and welcome to deviantart. :)
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Hey this looks really awesome! This feels really reminiscent of World of Warcraft style; use to play the game long ago but still remember it distinctly. Also, I really like the textures. Did you use Blender for this?
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Hi, World of warcraft is always a reference to me :) .So, I used 3dsmax and photoshop to paint...Thanks for the comment!
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Lovely design!~
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This is awesome!
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awesome work on this one!!! 
really love that you introduced some fake lighting and all the softness of it :) 
keep it up :) 
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Hi my friend, I'm glad you like it, thank you so much! Clap 
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good stuff, good stuff :) 
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Looks great but looks also like this was ripped off directly from world of warcraft. Even the textures look exactly the same.
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thanks! wow is always a reference to me :)
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Looks great man! Love all the tiny details, if there is something that could be better its the end of the wooden log on top of the roof, otherwise a perfect execution! 
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Hello Jimmy, Yeah... the end of the wood, that made me think...Anyway, I'm glad you like it! Thank you so much! Clap 
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Very good work. The cleanliness of the textures is awesome.
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