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The Fall of Sin - Extended



I improved the fluidity of the letters in this version and made it in poster form. Thought about replacing the original but decided against it.
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Of course, you have to direct me to your two best pieces as the ones to critique. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":laughing:" title="Laughing"/> Your work is pretty consistent, however, and I could only find a few of your pieces which weren't really up to par.

I'll skip a lot of the good stuff because your comments have already covered that. I will say, however, that your color scheme is quite suitable for the theme, and that the concept is certainly suitable (however cliché it is). Typography -has- to be cliché every now and then.

The font below the design saying, "And the fall of sin..." is not easy enough to read- I don't know why. I just find that specific font to be a bit weird. Perhaps if it was a bit larger? Perhaps if it was a different font? Just remember that all of your fonts should be as easy as cake to read through.

I kind of find the effect done with "SIN" to have been a bit too subtle. If I was looking at this from a distance, I would perhaps mistake this as the word "SIN" with some letters below it. I would have gone a bit further and made the effect take off the foot of the N and a bit of the S.

Certainly, though, it's a tough balancing act between subtlety and significance, and you got it pretty close. I might be of dissenting opinion on where to draw the line.

I don't think it was appropriate to have the image so tall and skinny. I think that you should reserve the tall and skinny proportions for your sleek designs; this is not sleek. Your LGBT poster was much more sleek, and the proportions were much more appropriate for that particular piece. For this one, I would have gone with perhaps a square, or a rectangle at most. On that same note, the word "SIN" doesn't have enough room on either side.

Overall, great job. I really like it.