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Soon to be getting Cintiq
Finally I can do as great as i do on paper, in addition to that brighten my digital skills.
Should be just in time to finish submission for a local competition too. Wish these things weren't so expensive... I'm inclined to have expensive passions...
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I mega regret buying a small sized tablet :(. Some time in future means I get my Intuos, but for the meantime pencil will take mostly over.
Hmmm, so lets see.... the stage I'm at I am able to copy a picture exactly by looking at it a few times. It's the remembering part I sometimes have trouble with.... I think it's time I fed my imagination a fresh load of pictures, haven't seen enough "stuff" for a while now *goes and browses deviant art for pics*. Which means people will get more favs and watches from me :).
Wow, who knew such a site existed. Finally - a place to share and hopefully get some much needed criticism and encouragement. An emphasis of criticism!

I'm reasonably impressed, I've only been drawing for 3 months now, on and off, well here is Antoine...