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Happy new year guys! First piece of 2018! It's about a sith apprentice who's taking over vader lead, in a parralel star wars univers. 
I'm trying to improve my workflow lately by taking less time in fine-tuning 3D details and putting more time in overpainting. Cheers!

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Good idea...

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I see this image not as the death of Vader, but the rise of a new order. The galaxy faces a new terror...

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wow 2 years later and this is really prophetic - don't you think? The water, and red lightsaber... so incisive of Rey...
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I had a very bad day
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I like it.

What would it cost to commission an alternate edition that I might love?

I will elaborate:

Background: show her followers: her elite soldiers, blaster at the ready-position behind her - prepared to cut-down the fool who cannot immediately recognize her right to rule.  They will serve her until death relieves them of duty (… ).  Some say clones have no soul, others that the original Jango Fett never had one; regardless, there are not just clones in her army, and they serve her none the less - in some cases more ardently.

Her head, face, neck, and trophy arm: essentially left the same.

Body: Give her what she will have needed to defeat Vader: the build to perform a perfect 10 (…).

Stance: an aggressive ready-stance, sword-arm just ahead of the body; she does not yet know grandeur, but that will come in time. Until then, she will be far harder to kill than the man who's head she now holds ever was, and less merciful: she will rule, no matter the cost.

Garments: Give her the respect of the army, give her Mandalorian armor:

for style and clolor: (…:

for armor coverage and rig:…

*as someone who has worn this kind of gear to get shit done, as well as having studied ergonomics and bio-mechanics, I believe you would be both capable and well-protected in that design (though minus the thigh-pouch, your not running with that nonsense).

Sexualize it more subtly (keep the tights, don't hide her femininity, etc), she is Sith after all: practical to a fault, and would never deny herself the use of any lever of power.

May you find the Light sister, until you do, we will all suffer.

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this is epic
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This is awesome, well done!
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Pretty darn brilliant, Rising. Magnificant image :)
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Evil Rey almost
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Which alien race is she?
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Oh, dear!

"Give me the Ring of Power, and instead of a Dark Lord, you shall have a Queen!  Beautiful as the dawn, terrible as the sea!  All shall love me and despair!"
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I like the concept. What's her name?
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actually if you've seen starwars ep 8 snoke is more powerful then any starwars legends character by far he nealy crushed hux into the floor without even raising his hand. that kind of power is the one that makes him verry frightening
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I always wondered:  What kind of name is "Snoke?"   Sounds like someone stole "Professor Snape" These writers can't even come up with decent names anymore! :)
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well i kind of found it suspecious that snoke didn't realise that Kylo hated him enough to attempt to kill him i think snoke used the same powers as luke but on a whole differnt level
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I doubt it. Legends have such insanely powerful characters like Abeloth or Darth Nihilus. But, without doubt, Snoke is still a very strong Force user.
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no doubt and the thing was the force never went into balance when darth sidious died. the light and dark sides needed to be forced to be 2 sides of a coin when anikan was trained as a jedi they broke the prophicy which led up to snoke being as strong as he is. and i have a feeling rey and kilo ren are force receticles who are destened to do what anikan failed to do bring the light side and darkside into peace with eachother. also snoke in the novels is much stronger then any legends character by far and i doubt he is dead as for darth nihilus, darth bain and a few other characters they do have a canon version of them as historical figures but darth nihilus died before the decolor seen in starwars rebels was ever used and the decolator killed darth raven when he caused the decolation of malacor
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What were Snoke's powers in the novel?
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they were almost god like he has the power to reach across the whole galaxy and use the force from that vast distence
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Ianteresting. I posted a status about a few ideas for the 9th movie. You can check it out, if you want to.
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