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February 5, 2020
Resonance by AntoineCollignon
Featured by cosmicbound
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Painting foar fun
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Excellent work. Large-scale, detailed, inspiring. It is interesting to travel through the worlds created by you, to study these worlds and their inhabitants.

Titaniumbullets's avatar

This is appealing. Especially the 3d. How does it just so happen I had the idea of applying 3 dimensional art into an art piece but never thought it would come out that way. 3 dimensional art applies a resistance to the eyes that you just have to work around. The colors are great but it isn't suffice you should add another dynamic to flatten the image out.

azurecanyons's avatar
Fascinating art here. Beautiful and inspiring gallery as well! Thanks for sharing
EvilMariobot's avatar
Interesting armor. Like the shell of one of those kinds of beetles.
lynx318's avatar
iridescent colours.
EvilMariobot's avatar
The texture looks like it would be similar, too.
Tinselfire's avatar
How this is not already the cover of a Pendulum album is beyond me.
agwesh's avatar
Congratulations, great work!!
CosmicJoker42's avatar
Makes me think of an Operator from Warframe. Cool!
isischneider's avatar
outstanding work, nice one :clap:
WindySilver's avatar
Amazing! Congrats on the DD!
LindArtz's avatar
Stunning work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:!!!

Touchheart-44's avatar
So cool.I love it
LeoReeseo's avatar
They don't want you to hear what I have to say.
Extallia's avatar
Its so great, it's unreal good!
Nekderp's avatar
So amazing!!
Ayame--flower's avatar
ErikShoemaker's avatar
wooow, that's incredible :faint:
JoakinMar's avatar

Fantastic work as always from your part.

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kvacm's avatar

So cool and awesome piece!

AntoineCollignon's avatar

Thanks! Glad you like

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Excellent work! :thumbsup: ;)

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