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January 3, 2018
D-va maintenance by AntoineCollignon uses vivid contrasts of color and light to frame the character and focus areas
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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D-va maintenance

Fan art time ! I wanted to create a more mature version of D-va from overwatch. In this overwatch parallel universe, she is around 30 - 35 years old and her mech has been evolving with new technology.

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Esolai's avatar
Glowing barrels. Nice! (:
Rewiko's avatar
She's definitely high maintenance.
Kaldrinn's avatar
omg such an epic sci-fi take on D.Va's MEKA :wow:
It's so damn amazing, I really love the wonderful ambiance work done here with the fog and light, and dark colors to make the canons' light stand out even more ! :D
ANd the MEKA's texture is so damn amazing, such an awesome job ! :happybounce:
MyiaShi's avatar
Digging it! Love the dark atmosphere in it-
tarantejsingh's avatar
Looks like Viking from Starcraft 2
BlueKalamari's avatar
That's awesomsaucess all over!
Ray-Veleno's avatar
PunkBMXartist's avatar
This has a very Starcraft feel to it and I freakin love it
SKetch39's avatar
Ururuty's avatar
Very cool !!!
QNAMAN's avatar
Complettely unnecessary. 
QNAMAN's avatar
You know-- In game D.Va just let him blow up, when it's broken. And then just spawns another one. Brand new Meka out from nowhere in few seconds. She doesn't care about repair, or something like that.
salyssong's avatar
We stand as man and machine
Not a damn thing stands in between
Nobody`s man-handlin' me
'Cuz I am titanic mechanically
This is no man's planet, so hand it to me
If shit hit the fan, you already ran into me
Headshot to the brain, wipe your memory clean
So you're gonna have a problem rememberin' me
Began as a man, became a machine
The killcount's bigger than I planned it could be
Now I'm prayin' to God, no one's answerin' me
Someone answer me please
...Am I man or machine?

The great gods of Olympus
Never saw what they had comin'
When the Titans rose from ashes
And all the Olympians went runnin'
So if you can't fight your battles
Then you know just who to call
I will stand by your side
Until the Titanfall

[Verse 2]
So you wanna (wanna) play God?
Then you better (better) pray hard
Then you gotta (gotta) play hard
And when you fall from grace
You're gonna fall from grace hard
Beware, this ain't a cakewalk
'Cuz when you play God, you're gonna have to face God
And if you face God, you can never escape God
So if you play God, know the price to pay God
And if the right price is paid
God will give you everything you'll ever need to make God
And only then can you play God
I should know, because I became God


[Verse 3]
Don't know what I'm fightin' for
It's a warzone life I know
Iron and steel, fire and snow
It's a matter of time 'till the Titans fall
And should the Titans fall
The scripts of history are gonna write it all
Beware of the tragedy that might we befall
And kill everything in sight, that is my default
Because I'll never let the Titan fall

Until the Titanfall-JT Machinima
Her Jesuit reminds me of the mechwarrior series.
LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  Enjoy the limelight. :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz

Bobzdrawz's avatar
That’s SO COOL!!
NurRayArt's avatar
How many layers?
Very cool piece, congrats on the DD.
Sapphirewolf3057's avatar
Damn rad looking image!  :)
Mister-7's avatar
I am not able to process this.
Sapphirewolf3057's avatar
It means that I really like it so much.  And yes I have played Overwatch for over a Year
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