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Personal artwork slighty inspired by Akira
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this is so magical ! i hope you see my manipulation

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This image reminds me so much of "Childhood's End" from Arthur C. Clarke, a specific part close to the end... Amazing illustration of course.
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Dude... come on man why put artwork like this on here and make me feel like my drawings look like someone took a tantrum-throwing-child and put a crayon in his hand and held him to a canvas....

Those clouds! HOW?? 

The rest! HOW??

This is amazing man... teach me sensei!
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True piece of art right here!
Also, (you probably already know this), but it was used in this music video:…
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Hi, I made a small animated GIF based on your awesome work.

Circles - Animated Version by TimTaller

Hope you like it
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Wow amazing! Superduper great work!
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this image makes my want to live in this planet and make me want to have powers like this good work
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When I look at this I almost expect it to come to life XD It looks so cool and realistic and interesting. It's hard to tear my eyes away off it. Good Job 👌
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This reminds me so of Kojima´s Death Stranding XD
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Absolutely gorgeous.
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Love the artwork.
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This is awesome. :clap: 
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Ahhhh, as much as this reminds me of Star Wars, the planet is fúcked.
The tidal forces would be insane with all the tsunamis (if this planet has water) splashing and dashin’ everywhere. And with a opposing moon/planet that big, they would have a good chance of crashing into eachother and stuff.

But great artwork though, its very purty.
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I apologize for repeating others comments but this is so beautiful and amazing!
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This is amazing!!!!
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So wonderful!
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