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Personal piece about an idea I had in mind since a few weeks : A cyborg hacker that use Biologic technologies to physically propagate viruses/worm and take over any kind of computer facility

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What a fun concept, I wonder whether they are draining their own biological resources in order to grow this strange tentacular extension into the server banks or if they are producing their own substance from the air like plants, or something, pulling in all the loose carbon dioxide and making it into tissue... super cool <3

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i wish i could do that, no need for typing anymore :D

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Fantastic! Such a rich imagination and such complex worlds that you can endlessly explore!

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The concept, the delivery.... jaw dropping perfect!

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Wow! The Borg have progressed.
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Hey! Firstly, Your work is amazing man!
So i actually wanted to buy the rights to a few of the pictures for my novel, can you share some quotes, for this picture for starters.
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Just stunning! The concept, its visualiztion and the final image!
codermotor's avatar
I love the detail in this. But mostly, it's the atmosphere. I wonder what happened here. Where is this? Is she dead or just...? This tells a story, and makes me want to know more.
The lighting and reflections are terrific.
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Now this is imaginatively bizarre! Very Science Fictional.
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Sounds like a Great Idea for a novel or a Comic book, anyway a great piece of art.
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wOoh that is a cool idea indeed and nice wok on it! :)
SmallKore's avatar
Awesome work bro!
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This needs to be a movie
ArtbyBones's avatar
Interesting idea!
Fluchtsalat's avatar
My PC shivers now!
SAND-MUTT's avatar
How long does it take you to make this kind of artwork on average?? XD
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Amazing work, super eerie
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would it be possible to buy it for commercial use but without the dead girl right bottom? (either cropped or painted over)?
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wow, this looks badass. 
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