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Spookster Ufogs [Open Adopt]

Part of a species on Instagram called Ufogs.

Rank: Void
C spikes, horns, ears
UnC tail shape
R Literal mouth, orb shape, thing inside orb, multiple eyes
E multiple sets of wings

What I'm looking for (Most to least wanted)

• Money (Paypal only!)
• Characters designed by pop artists (super interested in Doctor_, Seperiorgleaf, Toongore and Honeybeest designs but I'll look at any!)
• Pop CS swaps (I love Impims, Scarfoxes, Cccats, Ufogs, Comfortsaurs, Cbunns, Nemurolls and Howltars! MYO tickets are also accepted)
• Art and animations - ADDON ONLY THIS TIME! (Mostly wanted: Scenes, Fulls, Animated Pixel icons & looping gifs)

Mixed offers are more likely to be accepted!

SB is $25
AB is $55 (set high because I like em sksks cry bout it)
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