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March 9, 2006
Sunset by ~AntiSpy He has great works. This one especially. The colors as well as the scenery are amazing.
Featured by garrit
Suggested by Poeticsociety2005
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Sunset, comment and :+fav: appreciated

Thanks to *Poeticsociety2005 for suggesting and to ^garrit for featuring it
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Wow, gorgeous! Love 
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"The sun? Conscious? How?" "In a way lower organisms like you have difficulty to grasp. One thought from the source takes longer than a human life. A conversation with other stars takes thousands of your years." "All the stars are conscious?" A dry laughter resounded. "Of course. They are the original inhabitants of the cosmos. Without them there would be no organic life, let alone organic consciousness."
- Elian Lazaro, Elysium

"The sun alone appears, by virtue of his dignity and power, suited for the duty of moving the planets, and worthy to become the home of God himself."
- Johannes Kepler, The Harmony of the World
just gorgeous!
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The water is so still and reflected it's like its a mirror or a portal to a beautiful world full of colors. It's a flawless photo. Now it's going in to the flawless photos collection.
P.S. please look at my gallery.
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waoo so beautiful where is this place?
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Absolutely Beautiful!
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This is beautiful ! Nice pic' :-)
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absolutely stunning
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Absolutely Amazing *___* Look at my Sunsets :)
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This is absolutely breathtaking. You are an amazing artist. :)
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wow O_O ^_^
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very special
could I use this for a Youtube video?
I would credit you in the describtion, of course.
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Magnificently beautiful.
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This is epic♥♥♥
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♥♥♥ woaaah ♥♥♥
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This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the contrast, the reflection, everything pretty much. Wonderful job!

-Xavier Seth
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free use? ill credit you :) xx
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Wow! Really great pic! 8)
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