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Do you remember them? Images? weird situations? utterly creepy scenes straight from the darkest thoughts ever formed in your mind? I remember, they are the only dreams I do remember.

The worst nightmare I ever had, I could not wake up from, it sent me into depression and made me afraid of sleeping...resulting me staying up two days straight..

I was in a room with my friend and I recall all light turning putrid green and it was disturbing. But after that it got really scary when my friend turned to me and his face was melting.. His eyelids were hangin on his cheeks and rest of the face was dripping off as well... He stumbled on me and he stared me into eyes as he ..melted on me, cackling like a mad man.. Everything went black. I wake up, but something feels off I grab my friends shoulder and ask if I fell asleep, it happens again, that distorted melting face stares at me as everything goes black. I wake up, I feel very uncomfortable and confused I go to the bathroom and try to splash myself awake. I guess I was thinking that I am awake and exit the bathroom, it happens again... It kept happening, and most of the times I ''woke up'' I was clueless, felt like something was wrong and sometimes I tried to do everything to avoid it but it still happened.I couldn't escape that rotting/melting face and eyes, and that gurgling cackle ringin in my ears...

This is what I think hell would be like...

This next one was weird as hell too.. I don't know why it was so terrifying but I had never felt such numbing fear.

I remember driving in a forest pathway, but there was everything wrong in that forest. The trees were all dead, leafless and grey. And the sky was all wrong too, it was dirty orange, like the clouds above citylights or roadlights. I don't know why I was driving on that road but there I was, approaching this pitch black house. I got out of the car and walked towards the building. I see a silhouette appearing in the window. And suddenly I feel like my heart just froze.. It was a dream, and it was the most intense moment of fear I ever had. I felt numb and stumbled to the car, got in and drove away. I got into a crossroads, and started to calm down, and suddenly a frikking reindeer runs head first to the car door. That's when woke up..

This one I think I actually know what caused it. My dad's a difficult person when drunk, and he and mom had many loud fights while I listened in my room. I wished so deeply that dad would not drink and become this.. weird person that fought with mom.

In the dream I was beggin my dad not to put the mask on. No I don't know where the mask came from but that's what my mind replaced the alcohol with. Regardless of my pleads, he put the mask on, and then he became this scary monster trashing everything up while I hid in whatever place I found. Once in a while the mask came off, and I tried to throw it away, but he went and got it back. I pleaded and cried that he wouldn't put it on again. But he did..

I guess this is a minor childhood trauma of some sort... I have a very..very low tolerance for drunk people and feel very uncomfortable among them... And I will not drink myself to intoxication... never.

In this next one I had a chance to fight back, but it stil lwas scary and I guess it was the aftereffect of playing medievil and some other hprrorthings ... And hell in the dream it lasted about 14 days.

I think I was a knight fighting off the forces of evil... Korny yes but what can ya do. Anyways the scenery was like the zombie apocalypse in the medieval times.. What made this into a nightmare, was that when some..witch I think... Took my skin... yea... For the rest of the dream I went on skinless... Bloody and all, splattering blood everywhere while smiting skeletons and other uglies... keh... was a weird one.

Another memorable nightmare was the fleshbirds... 

Fleshbirds.... yea that's a title

I suppose I was working in some sort of lab, I was a handyman who did all kind of jobs. Now this is extremely resident evil but I guess they were either creating or studying diseases. There was a containment breach of some sort I guess since I was quarantined. At first I thought it was gonna be okay, no worries, boy was I wrong.
There were lumps growing on my body, one on my belly grew the fastest. They called it the ebola-virus... and I know this is as far as it can be from it but that's just what it was called there! sue my brain!.... Okay, the lump, or tumor whatever on my belly was taking a form... of a crow without feathers, consisting on bloody flesh, it grew on my belly, cawing and struggling to get off from me... It was really, really disturbing and supposedly painful, but thank heaven's you can't really feel pain in dream so it was just, very uncomfortable at most. There were other people in quarantine as well growing fleshy crows from their backs, limbs... one of the crows was growing from this one guys face, he was clearly in pain, screaming and crying as the fleshcrow distorted his face and pulled the eyes out of their sockets. I don't know why they didn't just torch us or something.. it was a very disturbing experience... I was so relieved to wake up and having no freaky crowtumors on my body.... This would make a great damn movie... sheesh..

And there's more, lot's of more. I think it's a BIT unfair that I can't remember any good dreams but all the bad ones even after 14 fucking years?.... If there'd be a pill to cancel all kind of nightmares... gimme... please... I've grown a bit numb for the nightmares, they don't cause insomenia or anything anymore but they are awful experiences... And the sense of relief is always there when I wake up from the nightmare and go back to sleep...sometimes back in the nightmare...

Do you remember your worst?...


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what?...oh.. .i*m a dimwitt from Finland o.o nice to meet you


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