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Antler F2U by Catatombi Name/Username: Wisp (Antique-Antlers Antler F2U by Catatombi

 Rank: B

 Bank Balance: 
02  | 09  | 00 

Sprite Rip: Sprout by F2U-Sprites Stickers/Achievements :
Mothcats Mentee Graduate by floramisa
2019 Mothprom Pride Participant by Mothkitten 1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa Happy 4!!!! Birthday Cookie by floramisa Guest Artist by floramisa  2017 Member of the Month by floramisa Lotto Winner - Pawsitivity by floramisa

Sprite Rip: Sprout by F2U-Sprites Mothcats Owned : 4

Polaris | Rowan | Amber

Common Mothcat MYO Ticket by Mothkitten
Uft/s!: Journal

Sprite Rip: Sprout by F2U-Sprites Subspecies Owned :

Sprite Rip: Sprout by F2U-Sprites Inventory :

Clothing / Crafting Items: 
Bowtie Harness - Blank by Mothkitten  Thigh High Socks - Bi by Mothkitten Bday Scarf by Mothkitten Bracelet - Red Apple Charm by Mothkitten Bracelet - Green Apple Charm by Mothkitten Cat Hoodie - Sunset by Mothkitten Capelet - Rose by Mothkitten  1 Clothing Slot by Mothkitten 
Silk - Purple by Mothkitten Bead - Cat's Eye, Sphere: Pink by Mothkitten

Companions / Food Items:
Banana Spider by Mothkitten Turkey Pet by Mothkitten  Silver Acorina by Mothkitten
Companion Bait by Mothkitten

Event Items:
Snowglobe - Bumblebun by Mothkitten Slap Bracelet Corsage by Mothkitten
Overexposed Polaroid by Mothkitten Overexposed Polaroid by Mothkitten Pine Bough by Mothkitten Crown - Pride Prom by Mothkitten
Jack-o-Lantern -Pumpkin by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Bats by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Raven by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -OwO by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern - Ghost E. coli by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern - Moon and Stars by Mothkitten

(F2U) sparkles by peachkonpeito Last Update: 5/14/20  (F2U) sparkles by peachkonpeito

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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