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Somethings in life outweigh others...

This was inspired by one of the commenters on my other piece "Missing You" [link] .

Remember, if people can't accept you for who you are, then they've proven then can't and don't deserve you.

EDIT #1:

Thanks so much for giving this one just as much love as Missing You! <333333333333

EDIT #2:

Another member is having a hissy fit trying to say I've laid all claim to this quote and have said it's completely my own. ....Really? REALLY? They not only in essence called me a thief, they also completely misunderstood my original sentence stating I was inspired to do this one from a commenter on another one of my pieces. I didn't even think about doing this one until they mentioned it. The credit for the idea goes solely to them. I didn't credit Marilyn Monroe because I figured everyone, apparently save for a select few, would KNOW this was not mine. I mean really. This has got to be one of the most famous quotes in the world.

So this is just for you, ~Marghezazi, so you'll stop complaining.


“It’s better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you're not”
- Marilyn Monroe
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Sorry for the late reply! Thanks! <33
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That's totally okay! :icongrin--plz: Np! The truth should be applaused! :iconuhuplz:
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I didnt know it was a quote of hers ^^ like it.. a different kind of messege
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A lot of her quotes are like this. ^^
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I'm beginning to understand this to be true! And I read this just in the time in my life when I needed it the most. Thanks for sharing!
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Sorry for the late reply! I moved this past week. Thank you for reading, I'm glad I was able to help. ^^
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If you can't even accept who you are then you have no self worth. Simple as that. No one should have to change for anyone. You know why? Because then you're being that person's slave for being as they please. Amen bro, amen
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Amen to you as well. We are our own person and damn anyone who tries to control what they shouldn't. <33
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Love your thoughts on the subject. I really wish everyone thought this way, instead of giving into others' opinions
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Sadly people do, but it's not something to fault them for. It's in our nature. Those who stand against it stand against the very weave of our fabric. All we can do is set a good example for others and hope they'll get their own strength to stand.
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very true. I'm glad there are always those people like you to set a good example in the world :D
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I had amazing friends set good examples for me, so I'm just passing along the knowledge. A little bit of kindness everyday can rock a whole country. ^^
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Definitely. It's always good to have a friend by your side when setting a good example
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its better to be hated
for what you are than
to be loved for what you are not
—Marilyn Monroe
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mmm i love how this is quote totally copied from kurt cobain.
good job, really.
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Not copied. I never laid claim to it in the first place. Besides, he wasn't the first famous person to say this. Marilyn Monroe was before his time.
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lol, in the description it says "this was inspired by one of the commenters on my other piece 'missing you'".
you're claiming it as your quote, derp
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dude i don't see any signs of where she DID actually legitimately say that she was taking claim on the quote either! stop your complaining and just stop claiming she's a fraud.
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Can you please show me where I specifically said, "Oh by the way this is completely my quote no one has ever thought of this before."? lolderp.
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you didn't credit, you didn't say 'hey this is not mine'.
but whatever lol, keep doing whatever you want i don't even.
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