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Missing You

Probably the most plain one.



This is far more popular than I'd have imagined. Thanks sooooooooooooo much to everyone who has favourited it and/or commented! I love you! It means a lot to me!

EDIT #2:

Someone brought it to my attention that they think that people think that this is my personal quote, when it is not. It's one I came across that really touched me and I decided to make a word art for it. Sorry for any misconception. T_T

EDIT #3:

Holy shit cakes on a stick. You guys are amazing. I'm so sorry I can't personally thank each and every one of you like you deserve, but dA doesn't like my brand of spam. So I'll do it here.

You're all amazing in keeping this on the front page! I've never had something there before, so this is just utterly astounding to me. I can't thank you enough for giving me more hope and inspiration to keep going. Please look at my other quotes, as they have deep meanings to my heart, too.

Never give up. <33
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Thank you for captioning my nightmare, in the great words of Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. That's exactly how I feel...I miss the person my ex was, not the person that they became...thank you. :huggle:
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Sorry for the late reply but...

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This is just so true and important to remember.... missing what you thought you knew of someone but it really isn't what they end up being.... Thanks for sharing this.
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I've felt this exact thing about someone I used to live with and now I don't feel as close to anymore... helped me put words to my feeling.
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I'm glad that this helped you figure out your feelings, but I'm sorry it caused unpleasant memories. :[ <33
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I thought I knew her. I really did.
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That's usually how it goes, ne?
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What a wonderful quote and I understand it completely. Beautiful word art <3
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Thank you so much. <33
Wonderful quote, thanks to whomever made it and thank you for putting it on dA :) also, you're the second person I've heard use shit cakes on a stick xD
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rofl! Thank you so much! xD<33
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To be honest i don't like the Typography in principle, but the quote is pretty awesome. I do not care if it's your quote or not, thanks to you i can read it in this particular moment. Nice work...
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Hahaha, thank you. :]<33
13NymphadoraTonks13's avatar
This is so amazing. Where did you find this?
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The quote? It was several months ago. hahaha. I don't remember.
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The truth behind every lost relationship.
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But also the truth to every new beginning.
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II love iit!! You are great wiith e22pre22iing the emotion iin decratiive word2
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Thanks a lot! <33333333
UndeadSoulEater's avatar
You are very welcome mii22
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I love the way the words are composed. This finally puts words to how I've been feeling lately. Beautiful work.
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