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This is a logo I did for a local restaurant. The final isn't nearly as good as this version I'd say. They wanted to add highlights on the Eiffel Tower. I think it just takes away from the punch, so I've decided not to include it. They can use their crappy designs if they want to, but I refuse to put them on my site!
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Please take this critique with a grain of salt. The logo you have created is quite good. However, I have to also agree with the restaurant owners about the highlighting/lowlighting on the Eiffel Tower. Yes your Eiffel Tower makes a punch, but only because of its size. If you had used some of the same red as in the Brasserie's name it might have made the logo a little more cohesive. It feels as if the main point of the logo was to say, hey look at this Eiffel Tower, not hey we are this great brasserie. Your tower is unique, but will it be memorable. People may see just the tower and think "Oh, it's just another French restaurant." Making the logo cohesive draws the potential customer in.