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Elf Bishop with stick

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An elven diamond. A very beautiful illustration

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Sifu Antilous ! - Your Pictures are all totally good - so fine good to perfect connection of Classic Chinese rich detail Painting with Modern realistic - non-absract - Art - combining only the Best of Past and Present ! - This is all so right and good including great Colors and totally good Lightning and Shading ! - Only if we do not forget all the good Things and Traditions of the Past, let them survive and stay alive and combine it with the best of the Present - we can let the Good survive and achive true Progress ! Anything else means Destruction Antilous ! - This is a true as the Island of Taiwan/Formosa is one of the most mysterious Islands on Earth - the good Spirit, and the honoring of our Anchestors must survive, without it - No Future - only Darkness !

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I love her outfit, and she's super cute... but my favorite part is "with stick". :D

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She looks stunning especially the outfit she's wearing.

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This is amazing!

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The coloring and details are stunning! Well done... It is such gorgeous piece! <3<3<3

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