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The Vulpes Faction Leader from Kingdom Hearts [chi]!
I think this would make one hell of a cosplay
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She is also known as “Master Ava” from KHUX Phone App Game.
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Omg vulpes is best guild choice, we win by double every week in union xD amazing work btw!
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This is really cool :D I was wondering if you could do the four other foretellers, (that is if you have the time) please? :pwease: 
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But Vulpes is the only one for me TvT xD
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Wow, she looks cool! 0o0 Is there a real difference between the Unions like the people get better strength stats or something?
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hmm I dont think so
but all the fractions battle regularly for points and the winner team gets bonuses but its not really important XD
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Ok, thank you for this information! ^-^
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I'm partial...member of the Anguis Union. All loyalties aside, I comment on the artistic talent...:D an incredibly well done depiction of the competition. :D 

Keep up the good work! 
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oh man, I stopped playing the game a while ago, I guess I missed out a lot of stuff XD
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You don't even know...XD
Just for flavor, newest update includes villian cards, of which include Riku Replica, and the Organization members. Along with the billion other stuffs. XD
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I guess the saddest thing are all the cute outfits ;v;
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XD Yeah they've released Sora's KH1 and KH3D outfit for guys and gals. 
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yeah I guess I totally missed everything, the train is gone XD
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You could just restart one and join my party...>_>
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Vulpes is the one and only one for me XD
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Very beautiful!
You should draw all of the Forteller
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thank you ;v;
hmm but the fox one is the best looking
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Yeah I think so too.
I like the way you draw.
Thats whx I mean you should draw all!!!
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As cosplay?  Hell yeah it should!
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Totally (ノ´∀`)ノ
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Vulpes are the best :D
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