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Selling work done with stock photography, some things to think about; here's the issue I have. Most people on this site seem to think the nature of using stock photography in their compositions is to simply use the strengths and artistic prowess imbued by the original photographer. That somehow by utilising the skills of others and altering the images slightly it creates something new and something that is all of a sudden 'their own'.

I argue that to make a work your own you really must go beyond that and change or alter the original enough to have redefined its context. The manipulator must sufficiently demonstrate their own photographic and artistic eye in order to call the work their own. You should not simply grab a composition and apply a few brushes, it should be your job as the manipulator to think beyond the canvas I have given you, otherwise the strength of your image may still lie in the strength of the original composition, which is not your own.

I dont mind you, the manipulator, selling the works you make with my stock outside of DA, so long as the overwhelming majority of the work is your own. So long as the success of the image no longer relies on the success of my image.

That you understand that good stock is supposed to inspire further work, not to leave you with less work!

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Excellent point. :-) I couldn't agree more.
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straight to the right point ;)
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I love what you had to say here! As a painter, I use stock to help visualize things like the way light plays off an object and proportions. I love that stock is available on this site. What I hate is feeling like I don't "own" a piece that I've spent days or weeks painting, that barely resembles the original. I'm very picky about whose stock I actually use, because I don't like feeling fettered by it. I actually prefer to change facial structures, clothing and things like that to make it more mine. :heart:
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Its something you as a stocker will come across on a regular basis I guess. As a manipulator, I strive to find good stock for pieces. The composition, lighting, stock and of course the brushes/filters all have to work as one to make a new work of art. Without the awesome stock here on DA and my own personal resources I wouldn't have a gallery, its that simple! Stockers should have their work complimented by doing justice to a piece and making a new original!
Hope I did justice to yours :D
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damn straight you did!
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I agree as well, that's kinda like ripping someone elses music off and changing a few riffs and lyrics and calling it your own.
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I agree totally! Stock should be applied and manipulated to create something totally different from the original stock. Using a few filters and a bird brush is not creating's adding onto someone else's.
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