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In case you haven't heard about it, since early this year War for Arcadia has moved since the old forum crashed. We took the opportunity to archive all the old things and start fresh: with a new name  (Hollow City) and a revised comic battle system.
The revisions now make it possible that everyone can fight anyone at almost any location, and we give out rewards (achievements), and fights are much shorter (one week per person per fight) which makes planning so much easier.
Come join us if you are interested in original character tournaments / comic battles!
The website:

And in light of this I would like to invite everyone to join our Secret Santa 2012 art trade!
Join before December 1st if you want to make someone happy and receive great fanart in return! :D Everyone is welcome!…

The final announcement I would like to make is that I have a tumblr where I post a lot more than I do here. You can see many sketches, drawings and photos here: I reserve DA mostly for nice and finished stuff.…

:iconwar-for-arcadia: War for Arcadia's artbook (featuring a lot of my art) is out now!…
It features 30 talented artists, 224 full colour pages, more than 800 illustrations and more than 4 years of online comic artworks in one book!

Thanks to :iconeinheit12: for all the hard work on this book. <3

Artists in this book include:

:iconeinheit12: :iconantihelios: :iconcyborgnecromancer: :icontojisuzuhara: :iconairiight: :iconrunicknight: :iconpoj5: :iconendshark: :iconantinwoodsman: :icondahmsarmageddon: :iconcola82: :iconpenryn88: :iconcarlitothegreat: :iconpatentpend1ng: :icong00ba: :iconsageby: :iconelyan: :iconthecelestialempire: :iconemoxic: :iconshilane: :iconscratchingsouls: :iconsibaku: :icondx2: :iconsquidbunny: :iconperca: :iconthe-fay-within: :iconderbene: :iconjackster3000: :iconcanon-thought: :iconastorite:
Working hard with :iconeinheit12: on the War for Arcadia Artbook.
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I was wondering, do you prefer to see comic pages uploaded to DA as single pages (taking up a lot of space in the gallery and you have to click a lot to keep on reading, but you won't have to wait so long per click) or several pages that belong together as one file (which can amount to huge files but you won't have to click so often)?
Do you even read comics on DA or do you read them somewhere else?
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  • Playing: Marking moon craters on MoonZoo
:iconcyborgnecromancer: and I did a short comic for :icongothology: (Book 2), you can buy it here if you like:…

We published the same story in German plus an additional cover page in Jazam #5 "Nachtleben" which you can buy through the Jazam website:
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