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Welcome home

Matte for a website. :)

Intous 4
4k pixels (largest dimension)
Nasa photo ref used for our blue sphere of residence :)

G x

New Book :)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (USA Amazon)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (UK Amazon)

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omg it amazing
Korpseio's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! Would you mind if I used this image for a background in one of my YouTube Videos? I'd give you full credits for the image, don't worry. (… 
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Gorgeous!!!!! That is amazing!!!!!!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Beautiful work
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Wow this one Ilike it alot. Nice one
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beautiful composition such a serene and awe inspiring piece
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that's really pretty...:)
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Absolutely amazing!
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ღ¸☼´ (((((((((((((((((( ♥ ^I^ ♥ ))))))))))))))))) ღ¸☼´
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WoW !!! I love space !!!
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It's like I'm in a hotel looking out my window.
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Wow look at that!
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Id love you to explain, atleats a little, about the title and meaning of this! Please!

Im so facinated by the title of it... it makes me feel so many beautiful feelings and fantasys inside... yes i wanna keep them but Id als love to hear the artists thoughts..

After a long journey across the stars we finally catch a view of "Our place in the heavens" once again.

G x
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Hey hey you got featured in here [link] :D
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