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VG Concept 'Theatre'

Hello all, :)

I’ve been requested a lot of times to post this image - so it's about time I did. Anybody who has bought "Bold Visions" will be familiar with this piece “Theatre”. It is a video game concept, the area depicted ended up being on fire in the game, but the basic ideas of the setting are underpinned here.

Original res 3600 wide
Based loosely on a quick sketch by one of the other cool concept guys here - Andy Wright.
Painted in PS CS3
Wacom Intous 3 tablet
About 8 hours work (I think)

*Image copyright 2008 THQ*

Enjoy! :)

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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MTLA's avatar
I wish if we will ever had the end of our days it will look like this.
Vandal030's avatar
Lovly image. I like it.
abbrivi8's avatar
sup  man. awesome concept art!
im just wondering would it be ok if i modeld an enviroment off this? it would be a final year uni project that would only be used for the module and also in my portfolio, i will also credit you as the concept artist obviously.
No zombies?
You fail.
egrizly's avatar
looks kinda like Kino der Toten
DeafeningStatic's avatar
For some reason I though of the map Kino Der Toten from Black Ops the first time I saw this piece, but every time I look again it seems to change... Creepy.
omardumore's avatar
I totally agree.
IanVanzant's avatar
great antique feel!
Conceptbloke's avatar
No link to my devart page! Pfft! :oP
scratchback's avatar
Fabulous. This would make an awesome dance club/house party venue...
Inyor's avatar
O.O!!!!!!!!!!!! love
Onizen's avatar
someday i really hope to achieve your level as a digital painter.... this is gorgeous
lectral's avatar
sheebal's avatar
D:!!! It's haunted!!
UltimateShadowChaos's avatar
Reminds me of Bioshock for some reason.
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