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VG Concept - Sunrise Ambush

Hello all, :)

Another old Video Game concept - illustrating the prelude to an ambush in the intro sequence of 50 Cent' Blood on the Sand.

Original res 3400 high
Painted in PS CS3
Wacom Intous 3 tablet
About 7 hours painting time

*Image copyright 2008 THQ*

Hope you like :)

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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Feather3111's avatar
I think you could easily design the world for a video game, these are amazing!
Apollyon888's avatar
What a great concept!
ModalMechanica's avatar
Amazing, i love it
Claire-Lacaes's avatar
Your art is stunning :heart:
Okashy's avatar
love your colors : >
ofdays's avatar
Stunning handling of lighting. Looks superb!
As odd as the game was imo XD I admit this concept art is really lush, I love the colour used in this pic, for such a place which would seem bland you have created a rich in your face experience with this piece.

I just love how the colours pop out seriously =D
line-melte's avatar
I think the figures look a little weak, but in every other way this is a grand painting. :meow:
fichot's avatar
great colors.
toosexyformyshirt's avatar
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
You're featured in my journal [link]
MonaOhms's avatar
Wooaahh :faint: soo cool
love your style :heart:
Snakebloke's avatar
"Hope you like :)" ???

How can you ask that? We always like your work it's awesome :)

I hope to be as good as you one day :P Need a decent tablet first.

I'm aving for a Cintiq 21 :)
SerpitaX's avatar
Very nice artwork. :)
NickCh87's avatar
nice, reminds me of Call of Duty 4 a bit, the opening scene where the cars are driving through the battlezone.

glad to see you're back on DA
irenaart's avatar
Very, very nice... Gorgeous colors!!!:worship:
ourlak's avatar
the muisic isn't really good with your very nice pict.
good job...really & good continuance!
KillerAngel47's avatar
Beautiful!! :wow: :wow: I really love your choice of colours! :XD:
nagi-as's avatar
hey!! so u did the concepts of blood on the sand.its a really cool coincidence but me n my teamates had worked on the environments of some levels of this game(3D)as well.its nice to know you :)
underShadow's avatar
I just want to point out that the red to blue-green contrast in this piece is brilliant.
mjamieson's avatar
Wow Gary, I hate to say it (because I'm horribly jealous), but think you've gotten even better.
kaede-kit's avatar
Nice colors on this.
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