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Tree Root Canopy

I've been doing a lot of work recently that I can't show (which is always a downer) and a lot of other work cramming to finish off a major project which is eating in to my art time!

This is a concept image illustrating an area with such enormous vegetation that you can actually walk under the roots of larger trees. I always loved the look of "A Bugs life" when they turned mere blades of grass into glowing cathedral-like ceilings and the like; I've just made the foliage larger rather than the characters smaller.

Original res ~3k

Painted in Photoshop CS with a Wacom Tablet.

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sirsteve17's avatar
Very exciting beautiful animation. Great work of art.
Thank you for this. It seems the account is now shut - but I really appreciate you letting me know.

WhiteBoneDemon's avatar
Yes, Chainreaction7 seems to have deactivated their profile now that they've been caught red-handed stealing artist's property...

At least that's one art thief taken care of! :peace:
fullerbrush's avatar
Lovely--a definite Myst Channelwood feel.
kenyizsu's avatar
This... This is incredible. I can't find words for it... :omg:
Hello  , Can I use you illustration for my Logo?
RimeFox's avatar

Can't show, some kind of NDA for content design?


Also that's very beautiful environment c.c

CorgiFoxi's avatar
wow! amazing concept! I like how you painted in people crossing the bridge, it really give a good comparison to how big the tree roots are to the people's size.  Really love the detail you put into this like the sun rays and the water and the grain of the wood.  Nice work! :)
Kind of reminds me of Kashyyk with the large Wroshyr trees that the Wookiees live in.
X-BlackFox-X's avatar
Really Really beautiful work
Nils-Iver's avatar
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AMMooreIII's avatar
Wonderful and it has I'm shure your unique vision of technique.
Shadowjoe's avatar
Wow, thats amazing! Keep up the good work!
VidPen's avatar
Beautiful work
TalkativeMute's avatar
This is amazing!!! :)
Vimykins's avatar
This reminds strangely of a dream I had once. Anyways this is totally awesome!
SilentArtists's avatar
May I use this as background on a website for a school project? I will give credit certainly :)
Merodinoongaku's avatar
I can almost hear the old wooden bridge creaking as they walk across it. :) Love the vines growing under the roots, too. Beautiful.
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