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The Room

Concept Painting

This image was created as a guide for modelling and texture artists, demonstrating the look and feel of an enviroment. The intended sensation being that it's tempting to go towards the window, but somehow there is also a threatining feeling over there.

This image was created in ~7-8 hours using PhotoShop CS + Intuos 2 Tablet. Original res 1600x2450
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AmyHunterDesigns's avatar

I used your stock here. Thanks so much!

Mermaid's Treasure
dankan111's avatar
reminds me "thief" game at the haunted asylum chapter. very inspiring. i want to try something similar with traditional paints.
deepjaat1's avatar
i want use this pic for manipulation 
KerensaW's avatar
This is fantastic - can we use as stock if we give you credit?  Just wow :)
Zixzaxzen's avatar
I used your stock here.…

Thank You..^^
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She was drawn to the light. At last some reprieve from the darkness. Her sister was not so drawn.
"Why do you want to get closer to the light? Do you wish to see what is pursuing us in great detail?" Her sister asked while casting fearful looks in the darkness. There was no reply.

Looks great.
i would like to use please
The-Tabla-Engine's avatar
This looks just like a section of the game Fatal Frame. Well done, sir!
From-L's avatar
i have your Eyrolles book and keep it as a guide but i still can't do the stuff of the dust ! And nothing you do! You amaze my head so hard !
qassim333's avatar
this is amazing work.... i am thinking to make an oil painting if you give permission
If not for profit that is fine :) please credit me.
G x
Saskia22's avatar
Incredibly atmospheric,it's wonderful.
LydiasTears's avatar
what up there well may be? ;D
Sorry my Englisch ist not so god. -,-"
SIM-MO's avatar
Lol I knew this looked familer.. someone used this concept to make a 3d rendering
istanblues's avatar
It is an awesome artwork..Thanks for letting use us..hope u would like what I have done...Many thanks
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