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“Swirling majestically through the sky, a Storm Angel conjures deep, laden clouds to bring much needed rain.”

I do not update my Vision Afar site often enough and I don’t create enough personal figure work. This image is intended to fix both of those. I will be updating my site shortly with this on the front page.

I hope you like it. :)

Many hours – more than 30
Original res 4350x5900.
Painted entirely in Photoshop CS.

Photo references from all over the place - pose inspiration from =darkmatterzone right here on DA - go visit his page!

Also, here are the links to the original photo: La Danseuse and the beautiful model ~candacenirvana
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I am surprise darkmatterzone gave you permission to post. The guy is a dick about supporting other artists.

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Of all the artwork in this genre, Stormbringer is my absolute favorite. It captures my soul each time I see it. (I actually have it as the home screen of my cell phone.)

gkoarc's avatar
such awesome illustration :''(((
Would it be okay if I modified this artwork and put it on the cover of a music EP of mine?
If you are going to sell your music, please contact Gary at - and arrange a licence.
PurpleAbyss's avatar
Beautiful gamma...
Neoeyal's avatar
This is awesome !! great job man
Dracorex124578's avatar
Hi there... I really like you're draw, actually I found it on Google while browsing so I didn't know the original owner however to express my own amazement I redrew you're Digital Art by pencil by my hand so in order for me to post it here (gonna be my first post) I want your permission (I'm excited to show you my work)
Plz respond as soon as you see this
RoxySpero's avatar
If there's a storm let this Stormbringer bring it on💨👼 Θοοοω Lα Lα, Smφκιη ΗφΤ❗🔥💘🔥 But Cool as a Storm is your lovely art❗Bravo👏🍃🌹🌹
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Man, this works. I'm one of the writers of a 'Daria'/'Legion of Super-Heroes' crossover called 'legion of Lawndale Heroes', and this is dead-on for one of the OCs, a winged character named Julia Carlyle. Looking at this, I wish that I had given her weather powers instead of sonic ones.

This is the first time I've logged onto dA for a while, and your works are incredible. Definitely a fan, here.
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this is so beautiful! I made a DA account just to rate and comment this :P
..sure I'll rate and comment more stuff, but this is the first :)
I am blown away at every click
Great stuff! Do you draw in pencil/paper, scan, then color in Photoshop - or draw everything from scratch with a tablet?
DARaabe's avatar
This is beautiful! Very heavenly atmosphere!
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image ! Beauty, charmed ! Good job ![link]
supermarioART's avatar
Wow!Wonderful pic!;-)
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Wow beautifully done! awesome work :)
Slappystan's avatar
Very nice, I like the choice of purple.
Taher-Painter70's avatar
Great work!
You should know that your work more beautiful than the refrence picture!
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