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Speedpainting - Portals -

Hello all,

Just mucking around really - this is actually about 2.5 hours work so not quite "Speed" really... :)

"A large city in the basin of a Volcano houses multiple Portals for arriving and departing space vessels."

Original res 6K
painted in CS 5
Intous 4

I hope you guys like it - Merry Christmas :)

G x

"Digital Painting - Tricks and Techniques"

ISBN-10: 1440309094 ISBN-13: 978-1440309090

direct links on Amazon are:

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (USA Amazon)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (UK Amazon)

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kageitachi's avatar
heads up, someone used this without permission to make a "comic page" -…
Matanuipwnsyou's avatar
can i buy the rights to this?
Kashidori's avatar
Fantastic. Simple form with a lot o details. I have to remember that ;)
RadiactiveSnake's avatar
Reminds me a lot of destiny :D i getting this as a poster for my wall! :D
Port-Seven's avatar
Where do you get inspiration for something like this? Do you have a solid idea of what you want it to look like when it's finished or does it take shape as you go?
Matanuipwnsyou's avatar
may i buy the rights to this work?
TMartens's avatar
I love this, and still amazed that you are able to do this in such quick time : )
handsomeape's avatar
is that your book?
Kumiko15's avatar
Woaaah! AMAZING! ♥
memyone's avatar
Wish my mucking around looked like that. Love your artwork!
Wings-of-Art's avatar
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
EBE246's avatar
DUDE, this is awesome. And color choices like these are always so perfect. ^_^
Koshizuu's avatar
Love the colours and the speckled lights of the buzzing city below...really cool sense of scale!
supermarioART's avatar
TamMebonia's avatar
This is not speedpainting, this is speedawesomeness :faint:
aplus89's avatar
you make mecreate a new collection..... for Epic
Majeh4108's avatar
Love to visit!
hokslol's avatar
this is awsome nice job :)
KayIscah's avatar
Wish my mucking around came out this cool. I like it.
NekoHentai-Chan's avatar
Now you're thinking with portals.
Pertheseus's avatar
nice work man - I just ordered your book
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