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Speedpaint - green environment

Bit more spare time on my hands, so I took a small segment of a photo and made something out of it - trying some different brush and stroke styles here to mess things up a little. I need more time to paint.

Image took about 70 mins - photo ref used.
CS2 - Wacom
original res 4k wide.

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sktcher96's avatar
wow this is pretty amazing
oxidizer05's avatar
Green place love it
AxelHenson's avatar
Looks like something that can be in a fantasy story, movie or game.
NuclearDuckie's avatar
I really love the way the colours blend on the right side of the image.
Curious to see the photo you used as a reference.
Amafel-Elf's avatar
I love the different shades of green. Very nice work.
shenfish's avatar
I'm a sucker for green environments at the moment, and this is awesome.
Worldgoesround4all's avatar
damn, that's good ^^
aryundomiel's avatar
a nice break from sci-fi, you should do more of this
JuxtaposeGraphics's avatar
For a few seconds, I was completely convinced that was a fire hydrant...
great job...!!!
RiccardoStecca's avatar
Immersive! This is wonderful.
haffouz's avatar
CherryProductions's avatar
Wow, a jaw dropping experience came in use today. Very well done and you were speedpainting?
pirsion's avatar
very very nice .
visandra's avatar
WOW ... :wow: amazing....
RedVinken's avatar
amazing atmosphere!
please teach me the ways master
echoskybound's avatar
I'd love to know how you get such rich texture.
Hakuba's avatar
It's so beautiful ! T-T Magically done! =D
Jak-The-Drox's avatar
can i say god of speedpaint?

my god, the way you use the colors make it look like so much more. i really really had to stare to see how it could possibly be done fast.

it would take me years to do anything of this quality.
XxRenzokukenxX's avatar
mihajlobt's avatar
omg really beautiful piece of work :D :#1:
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