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Speedpaint - Wreckage

Rough speed painting - a crashed craft on an inhospitable world is being harvested for parts.

About 45 mins of work.
4k wide original
Intous 3 tablet

G x

Book out soon!


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SpriteEd's avatar
Looks like what happens when you lose Supreme Commander 2
musicisme247's avatar
love this one too!
coldfire93's avatar
nice work nice colours=)
shakz09's avatar
irresistible colours, beautifully done!
Spike-the-echidna's avatar
wow, this is so cool! it looks like the ship is in the centre of an old ribcageor something... (that'd have to be one big ribcage though :XD: )
I saw this one in Imginefx magazine and after that i draw my own using adea above. I love it.
RiccardoStecca's avatar
As always the effect stuns! It fills the eye!
Graunfeldt's avatar
Looks very good! The spiky rock things look amazing. The lighting is also great! :D
IellwenElegwath's avatar
feyuca's avatar
I love the lighting... fantastic!
asiantuntija's avatar
Chromattix's avatar
Nice concept, damn those aliens taking what they can find lol :shakefist: the colours here are really bright and fresh, has a really warm feel to it :sun:
andyslade's avatar
Amazing that you can produce this in such a short time...excellent.

tigaer's avatar
i really like how it leads the eye to the right spots. solid piece of concept art.
botchiball's avatar
Haha, reminds me of whats outside - Iraq. This place sucks, seriously. But, its a beautiful image - definately captures the nitty gritty of such a crappy world.
TheCelestialDemoness's avatar
You must be pretty quick. That painting is amazing! I especially like how there's space but at the same time the piece still looks busy. :)
The-TimeTraveler's avatar
Wow, wonderful! =O
Kaytishu's avatar
Forty Five minutes?! It'd take me forty thousand years!
Amazing as always.
dragon-cutie's avatar
i want to go exploring there...*nods* can i? *reaches out* :P
charlesg99's avatar
Interesting work.
chilipalmer's avatar
This is very cool, love the "look", hazy and rough.
blackpanther062000's avatar
Your speed paints are so nice!
K-van's avatar
I love your focus on ambiance and broader sweeping strokes =D
It's impressive how you can make such a compelling picture in such a short time =P
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