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March 5, 2008
Speedpaint - Neglected Beetle by ~ANTIFAN-REAL is simply amazing! Gorgeous lighting and details! The brush strokes bring the entire painting to life.
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Speedpaint - Neglected Beetle

A little bit of spare time - whoo! I've wanted to paint a beetle for ages - such a striking little car. Anyway, this took about 100 mins or so, an old rusty car sitting in the rain at night. Photo ref for car of course.

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intous 3 (A5)
Original res - about 3k wide.

Book out soon!


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whoyaeh's avatar

👍 love it

I'm pressed how fast you did it

Vintorezz's avatar
How in God's Green Earth can people make beautiful paintings like this in under 3 hours???
jimvida's avatar
Had my Beetle 10 years; rust took it's toll !
Samijabrothers's avatar
Supreme car! Love it.
xXForestMist's avatar

Poor little car, I'll take it!! <?xml:namespace prefix = da />don't leave - emoticon 

I always wanted one of these cars. Gorgeous work, I love how you did the rain, and how the headlights look like sad eyes. Aww Revamp-Kinda 

marinamaral's avatar
AMAZING work! u are definitely an inspiration to me.

I have no technical knowledge, and I'm trying to study alone to advance.
If u want to see, i have a job posted in my gallery.

I hope one day to be like you. :love:
Thanks for sharing your talent. xxxx
Szaba18's avatar
oh my god...:O
its beauitiful.....
My favorite car!!! Really great!
You did a great job on this .. I think its awesome...
gholmes1936's avatar
Great Rendition!
pietrekm's avatar
cirasuolo's avatar
awwww...I just want to take it at home with me..and keep it warm :)
gabrielsamzi's avatar
aboywithnoname's avatar
I love beetles! Forever! This car have molded history once -- and forever. =D

Nice artwork! Keep it up.
rscopel's avatar
It´s so nostalgic... uhm, I realy loved.
MalDudemaker's avatar
the light & colour you put into this is amazing :thumbsup: :)
cmdpirxII's avatar
This Painting i'd like to see as Graffiti ... Great athmo. !! :headbang:
fuelie's avatar
Gorgeous atmosphere. I love the light from above, it looks very dramatic and glows beautifully on the top of the car. Also the rough brush strokes add a grungy feeling that is great, reminds me of a movie. Great work :D
christiAnpure's avatar
Really nice one! Awesome job man, i like it :)
Foehammer419's avatar
wow :omfg: atmosphere like from cybersteampunk future/past/present all mixed together movie
excellent of the best
ToplessBunny85's avatar
This is amazing, the image feels not quite sad, but more mellow and humbling. Just that sort of "*sigh*, another rainy night...." feeling. :) Love it!
atomiccatz's avatar
AMAZING! :heart:
Such a sorrowful feeling to it and such detail on the rain glossing over the car! :clap:
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