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Speedpaint - Future City

Very busy at work and in the home studio with the book, not had much chance to do any other art really. This speed paint takes a small crop from another piece and I imagined a rough idea for a coastal city with it.

Time to paint - 70-80 mins (on top of the crop which accounts for about 25-30% of the piece you see here - the centre section with some of the buildings is the original crop -)

Final res is the posted res.

Back to work I guess!

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ImZeynex's avatar

fascinating :0

kasinokauppa's avatar
Very impressive work speedpaint..Good job ANTIFAN-REAL 
FrenchGentleman's avatar
Argh, this looks so good... Simply stunning.
LaBoem's avatar
Hi! Can i use your picture for the menu of my game ? This is for a gameJam ?
UmiEbon's avatar
This is a SPEED PAINT?!?!
PedroduBuf's avatar
very nice work 
dragengi's avatar
WOW this would be so cool to bad most of us won't live long enough to see it
ilovezombi3s's avatar
Looks like Neo Tokyo from Ghost in The Shell, I love it!
bigDaddyPen1s's avatar
"...this speed paint" i love them when they start so modest..but it's a master piece!!! :)
ServantOfDeath's avatar
Jesus, this is amazing. I was listening to a song from MitiS and i saw that. The person who posted it left a link of this. When i've read PS CS2 i was like: What? Then i saw it was posted in 2007 where CS3 or CS4 was in development. Still pretty damn amazing.
assaulth3ro911's avatar
I can't say I'm not impressed. Wow, just wow.
meganbednarz's avatar
It reminds me of Dubai.
OMG I love this artwork. It's so realistic
Intercepto's avatar
I saw this one in your book which I bought last year. Great work!
BeyondFinalFantasy's avatar
Helloooooo, new wallpaper~! :wave:
Trisaw1's avatar
I like looking at futuristic cities. This one looks very nice with the skyline along the coast...a design I would make myself.
ShottyMonster's avatar
dude, this is so awsome. I want to suck your brain and muscle reflexes out of you. this is unreal, fave and watch. I seriously don't believe this took you 80 mins though. I'm gonna say at least 10 hours
BG0812's avatar
Great job ! It's my Wallpaper now
Winter-Wisp's avatar
Lol... he says that its a speed paint and it tooks him and hour and a half... ahahhaha

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