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Speed paint - magrail towers

Mucking around again, I had an urge to use these sorts of colours on a landscape, but could not resist putting something sci-fi in there too!

A high speed mag-rail system snakes over a moutain range.

80 mins of painting time.
original res 4.3k wide
Intous 3
Photo ref used for mountains.

I hope you like it!

G x

Book out soon!


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steveforward's avatar
this work is simply mind blowing...
imthelatvian's avatar
Just wanted to let you know that I used this...…
Elias-Shamir's avatar For this image and your whole gallery by the way, since I thought Id be spamming if I commented on as many as I looked through, haha.
sk1390's avatar
seems like sochi
Fil0s0f's avatar
Is there a full-res version available anywhere? This would make a sweet wallpaper... and depending on the prices I'd consider buying a print!
Fil0s0f's avatar
I love the colours and the cool surreal alien world atmosphere, and of course futuristic trains are always cool. Great work. Bring on the future...
KiyaMM's avatar
I sincerely adore the colors. And the moon. And the swirly look of the rail.

Thank you so much for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :rose: :heart:
death-sticky-note's avatar
I got a chill upon seeing this. Nice job! :)
DJQazi's avatar
5/5! great painting
KataGali's avatar
Fantastic colours!! O.O
dissolvedbrain's avatar
This is incredible!!!, the colours r amazing.
NaughtyBoy83's avatar
MissStark's avatar
I would hate to see a beautiful natural landscape interrupted in such a way for real life, but in this image, it's beautiful and merges so smoothly with the mountains as to almost be like a natural part of them.
chrisdealpainter's avatar
well done on the colors. really like the fading away of the background, the scaling is great too. nice piece.
coldfire93's avatar
wow thats excellent=)=p and quick
i just love your works O.o

awesome job, keep it up!
Dawsha's avatar
quev's avatar
Just gorgeous :heart:
mortazah's avatar
More than PERFECT !!!
Obeah's avatar
beautiful, the composition, the colors, the idea.... I'd like to take a ride :cry:
radu-jm's avatar
Great job! :judge:
Love the colours!
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