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Speed Painting crater city 2

Hey all again :)

I seem to be obsessed craters lately - I'm not sure what that says about things to be honest.... :)

"City in a crater with morning mist being burned away by the rising sun"

This image took about 80 minutes - I used a quick nightime aerial photo ref for some of the city lights.

Original res 4.6K
painted in CS 5
Intous 4

I hope you guys like it.

G x

"Digital Painting - Tricks and Techniques"

ISBN-10: 1440309094 ISBN-13: 978-1440309090

direct links on Amazon are:

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (USA Amazon)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (UK Amazon)

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MissAmber2909's avatar
This is amazing, this one piece alone puts my entire gallery to shame! So inspiring!! :D
Asmodean0815's avatar
Whoa, your pictures are awesome !
AssassinHunter24's avatar
jainswapnil52's avatar
i jizzed a little..
THIS is AWESOME, bruh..
Nemien79's avatar
very very good artwork, its super beautiful 
SkyBreeze26's avatar
Very Beautiful I love all the amazing detail you put into this piece.
NikoCherednik's avatar
Verry beatyfull work :D
matt-bryan's avatar
Gorgeous colours.  Really great tonal variation.  Excellent work
Zarems's avatar
Ultra Awesome!!!! Your art is amazing!!
14iv19's avatar
RebekahKroeplin's avatar
SPEED PAINTING?!?!  WHAT?! Holy crap, this is just . . . Seriously, holy shit.
MichaelTzan's avatar
All these paintings with that tall building in the middle remind me of the Citadel in Half Life 2... Astonishing artwork!! Worship 
Rokis17's avatar
Now this is something! :)
ProfessorLidenbrock's avatar
BlackTaichou's avatar
PWGraphics's avatar
Just absolutely Spectacular!
BlackDonner's avatar
Magnificent. Fantabulous! Un-xxxxing-belivable!:happybounce:
KassidiKeys's avatar
Hi, I've given this piece a Feature over here ->…
Kumiko15's avatar
Omg this is so amazing!!
Xitrus's avatar
80 minutes for this? You sir are on a whole other level, magnificent! :)
dnjswltjs93's avatar
Omg omg omg omg this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I am definitely getting ur book for sure
sergentsexy's avatar
Gary Tonge, I read your book and it was great. It gave me great ideas and I did a school project on it. I love your work and everyday i look to it for insperation.
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