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Speed Painting - Trouble

Hey :)

"Could you stop gawping and move away, maybe?! And you, with the bow - just put it down, I doubt its much of a threat to them"

About 120-130 mins work again - if it helps I think this object might be making a crater... :)

Original res 5k high
painted in CS 5.5
Intous 4

Hope you all like it :)

G x

"Digital Painting - Tricks and Techniques"

ISBN-10: 1440309094 ISBN-13: 978-1440309090

direct links on Amazon are:

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (USA Amazon)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (UK Amazon)

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ivanraposo's avatar
Amazing lights and atmosphere.
Funkymunkz's avatar
Looks like an Elder Craftworld.
Urus-28's avatar
Close encounter of the third type =D
Your ship reminds me the one of this great movie ^^
Koshizuu's avatar
All your pieces are so gorgeously coloured, I have a hard time not favourite-ing your entire gallery! Beautiful work :thumbsup:
vVachillesVv's avatar
Very impressive setting. You still got it! ;)
Tupunoor's avatar
cryo-draws's avatar
I love the colours you use ;_;
MMKH's avatar
Awesome, I hope to be able to create speed paintings like that soon (tm). :p
marcelinorodriguez's avatar
Yup, definitely making a crater. ;)

Love your work. Thanks for posting!
Thesis-D's avatar
This sort reminds me of that scene from the movie Knowing, where Nicholas Cage's character looks up and sees the *will not spoil the movie for people who have not seen it, although I probably did anyways* :XD:

Good job. Really surreal. :)
samburley's avatar
Amazing as always! Great to see you posting new work :)
MyWorldCreations's avatar
Is that a futuristic terraformer or a giant flying fortress of doom?
Oktanas's avatar
dustycrosley's avatar
Great to see so many new posts from you lately!!
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Ha ha, awesome speed painting!! :) Is that an alien ship that just descended from the sky? It probably is best to move a good distance away, then, and a bow and arrow most definitely will NOT defeat deadly rays and force screens. Oh, you and your craters... :D
xdreamer's avatar
Stop doing that much awesome work ;-) I like the depth in this image, well done!
Predaguy's avatar
That's an awesome ship. Very Close Encounters of the Third Kind-ish. Great stuff!
DTKinetic's avatar
It's really great to see you being prolific and producing quality works quickly! :nod: This is beautiful, as always.
masterofshadows's avatar
hellOO, we're trying to land here! move puny humans
astarayel's avatar
The way you use lighting is just incredible. I wish I had command of atmospheric and environmental painting the way you do here.
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