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Speed Paint - Crater City


Just mucking around again here - this took about 40 minutes.

"A city built within a deep crater - the centre of which is a structure piercing the rock to tap into the Geo-Thermal energy of the world"

Original res 4K
painted in CS 5
Intous 4

I hope you like it.

G x

"Digital Painting - Tricks and Techniques"

ISBN-10: 1440309094 ISBN-13: 978-1440309090

direct links on Amazon are:

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (USA Amazon)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (UK Amazon)

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joegooseart's avatar
ok so if this piece is you mucking around, i wanna see a piece that took you 3 hours or longer, because this is insane. love it!!!
All of these are remind me of Midgar from FFVII.
Rayen-V-Storme's avatar
Have you seen the covers for Ender's Game or Speaker for the Dead from the original copies? I see a similar style, and I love it. Excellent work, my friend. 
AkaNova's avatar
Your artworks are so beautiful! I just love your sceneries! :heart:
The colors are so harmonic and atmospheric~ Great job!
I hope it's okay to ask you: What do you use for brushes and what are their settings for your fantastic art? ówò
And do you work with textures and photos? If yes, how can you involve them into your artworks so smooth and perfectly?
I also wonder, do you use references sometimes?
Man...I really hope so many questions are okay ;w;
Have a nice day and stay awesome! :love:
xwaterlilyx's avatar
40 minutes????!! Unbelievable...
joegooseart's avatar
thats what I'm thinking hahahaha
Research010's avatar
It's HL2 citadel!
TravisGardenArt's avatar
Franz-y's avatar
This is incredible , keep up the great work!
DameOdessaStock's avatar
This amazing work has been featured in my journal: [link]
indyjon3s's avatar
It's like Mordor millions of years later.
willrex's avatar
:D looks awsome
SasaBralic's avatar
TamMebonia's avatar
40 minutes for this awesomeness :faint: Looks so great (although a scary place to live :fear:)
Omgom's avatar
Love the color palette.
Linkark's avatar
Wow!! This awesomeness just came out of your mind in just 40 f****** minutes??
How could you achieve that level of detail and geometrical strengh in such little time?
Like I said, amazing.
I would really enjoy watching a video showing you making a speedpaint!
kjarnold's avatar
"this took about 40 minutes."..... I hope you die in a fire lol
shaytu's avatar
Love the mood the lighting and the fog!
Eclipse4d's avatar
Wow,a cool looking city out in the middle of nowhere..
D: How this is possible... it looks like a picture O_O
sztewe's avatar
Doomed Megalopolis!!!
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