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Between two gigantic waterfalls, a lone structure pierces the sky. Bearing down upon the landscape the tower is almost overpowered, in spite of its enormity, by the vast spectacle of the landscape which supports it.

An older image of mine. :) Original Res 5000x3300

Painted in Photoshop.
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Alfamaxis's avatar
Takes my breath away man....
Northuz's avatar
Wow, I love the purity, the alienness and the sense of desolation. Given the chance I'd go there in a heartbeat. =)
Majeh4108's avatar
You make me want to plan a trip into space. I'd love to visit each of the locales you've represented.
Tygerson's avatar
Love how the building's shape is echoed through the piece! Beautiful!
levitan71's avatar
thick-Kartoschka's avatar
Christ... the subtlety... gorgeous....
Awakened0ne's avatar
Your stuff is INSPIRING. I'm working on a novel that takes place in a sort of futuristic setting and some of your images look pretty much like the cities/environments I imagine when coming up with ideas.
blindedbyvision's avatar
Can you please post a slightly larger one.. perhaps 1920x1200 for those of us that would love to use this amazing picture for a desktop. Thanks :)
bakanya's avatar
beautiful! but i wonder how they get to
the building :P lol love the colours
BluefireLee's avatar
This for me is the most impresive our of ur gallery

I dont know why but I love this one more than the other :P

Great Gallery :D
ok ok this pic is proper bautiful,

but its so desolate.....
TickTockMan92's avatar
Your art is by anyone's standards amazing, but this is probably one of your best.

darothsdrawings's avatar
It's just utterly awesome.
Makoim's avatar
Looks like it's an outpost on Titan ^^ beautifully done
vVachillesVv's avatar
that would suck to work at that place!
Silverwolf4000's avatar
I don't like the colors... they are too soft for a image like this. But the idea is gorgeous and I love the architecture. Well done!
artweller24's avatar
Really amazing picture=)
MisS-DxB's avatar
so freaking awesome
deeminllama's avatar
the focus is kinda on the tower but i love the look and texture of the land.
Ingmet's avatar
wow... that's awesome! looks like that building is gonna fall any minute :p i really love the space in this... can't describe it :p
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