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SPEEDPAINT - Underwater Base

Not been about much, been r e a l l y busy, not had time to do much work for fun so I thought I'd do a quick doodle to post.

This image took about 65-75 minutes of painting time - interstingly it was formed in an ad-hoc way; I kinda just let the image come about - no plans.

Original image size ~3500 wide
All painting in PS
Wacom Intuos Tablet.
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I got your book a couple of years back as birthday present! This is probably my favorite and the piece I was most inspired by and still am. I usually always now start from a quick colour wash! I have little while to before I get this good though :)
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Saw this one if your book, great tutorial!
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have you thought about a minecraft speed paint?
Althaly's avatar
I LOVE it!
I love the idea of the future!

But too bad I will not make it there... ^^;
thatsgoodeatin's avatar
this wouldnt have anything to do with down the tubes from earthworm jim,would it?cause this looks like a really awesome realistic redition of that!!:D
by far one of my favorites. I LOVE THIS ONE
beautiful pice it could go as underwater or even a space station, i love the docket futuristic sup-transport thing u got going on there. great color and depth.
TomBydand's avatar
doodle? DOOOODLE! :faint: i couldn't draw anything this cool even if i had YEARS to do it in!

whell thank you VERY much for makeing me feel so inadiquate! grrrrrr

still its a dang pretty doodle :D
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Hi, just thought you might like to know I've featured this in my journal here - [link] :D
KingUrban's avatar
where d'u get the ideas to paint something like this??
CylindricalFawn's avatar
I saw this one the book too!!!! on screen it looks allot brighter than it did in the book!!!
Super-Stingray's avatar
Very impressive, but I doubt it would be good for any subaquatic ecosystems there.
Evertide's avatar
Ooh...I LOVE underwater themes...*mesmerized*
xreichierux's avatar
No plan?! Now that's skill for you. Good one!
Brujah-Wolf's avatar
Beautiful image a fine piece of art if i may say so :)

It reminds me of a Freelancer game i use to play.

Very nice flow of you imagination

YT. Brujah-Wolf
Jean-Teufel's avatar
wow~~ gorgeous! :heart:
verbed's avatar
For a quicky, it's detailed really well. Nice one.
nailgungfx's avatar
Excuse me but... what do you mean when you say you did this in 65-75 minutes???!!!

Man I gotta quit drawing... :)

Only joking there bud! I love it and really admire your timing, I wish I could finish 1/20 of it in 65-75 minutes...
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i see it and i think of inside the mothership on INDEPENDENCE DAY.
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