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Speedpaint - 55-60 minutes. I've not had time for anything complex so I've been doing some of these in my spare hour in the day.

Photoshop CS, Wacom Tablet, 2.5k wide.
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Singaling-Sing's avatar
my eyes was caught by the colour
ArtbyBones's avatar
Was this done for an Imagine FX tutorial? I think I remember it from years back.
MicahJGunnell's avatar
Love the light! Gorgeous!
Sassar's avatar
You're extremely talented at capturing light in a very realistic yet supernatural way, great work! I've seen that in more than just this painting, just felt like writing it here :)
13lolol's avatar
you got an excellent talent sir! :)
delli88burn1's avatar
wow, i got dis pic from a fren of mine about a year ago n has been really one of my favourite...glad 2 finally meet the artist
Lennoue's avatar
I be the thousandth person who put it in my favorites :) <3 Truly a beautiful piece, first saw it in your book I bought!
askeo's avatar
i saw it in the book bold visions and i love it at the first time,
great perspective and amazing colours in one hour, impressive speedpaint
shy-boy's avatar
This is amazing! Even though it is painterly and loose, there is still so much feeling, mood, and emotion behind it.
yakkingyetis's avatar
[link] :iconvictorydanceplz: i featured you in news article~!!
cabepfir's avatar
So this is not complex? Oh man.
DSil's avatar
What a scene! Great composition, balance of light and dark, palette... just all around great!
deeminllama's avatar
i love the texture of the statue self and the shadows&lighting is nicely done.
yakkingyetis's avatar
all in 55 mins amazing!!
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amaliaseven's avatar
speedpaint? :jawdrop:

I'm impressed and a little jealous!

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In like, approximately one hour?! It has to take me like 3 years or a whole century to do this! I haven't tried but estimating exists, right? Until now, you are one of the best to draw/paint perspectives. If I could, I would've bought a print..... if only I had those thingies to buy online/on computer.

P.-S.: :+fav: seriously.
WishIWould's avatar
The way the brush seems to have a "dotted edge" adds a lot to the architectural feel. I love how it has the effect of seeming more detailed from farther away - though close up, it's still breathtaking.
suzanastojanovic's avatar
It's a very powerfull and beautiful. Nice work!
what is the most impressive is that u did this within an hour.

gratz dude
brutal-austin's avatar
wooooooooooooooooooooooooow esta de padreeeeeeees, eres un genio !! la cago que hermozo te kedo muy buen trabajo todo un arte !!!

visitame tengo nuevas novedades y lee mi journal
ill-coupre's avatar
>.⌐! that's incredible! Your use of suggestion is genius! makes me wanna laugh like the Joker when I find people who really know suggestion and use it well; I have to say it is a lot harder than illustrating everything absolutely vividly.
davidsdoodles's avatar
how long for "speed painting"? this is tits man!
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