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Smash, bang, wallop! Very quick painting of a grand Canyon like area - came out quite well I guess.

- 30 minutes
- PhotoShop CS
- Wacom Intous 2
- Original res 2.5k wide
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tatitati's avatar
Excellent job! I like the texture you left on the painting... I'm anxious to see more of your work...
DSil's avatar
Wonderful lighting. You really capture the scene.
SmashR's avatar
Very nice colours and shading ! Would recommend any tutorial or have some advices on how to use colours to create realistic shading ?
Sehvrin's avatar
Wow, impressive that you can shape such a beautiful landscape in so little time :nod:
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aaronwty's avatar
its so rough but from far its so dam real.. so magical and amazing. u captured the colours too accurately.
UltimusWolf's avatar
Awesome pic, man! You tellin' me that you used Adobe Photoshop CS?! Awesome, jus awesome...
richardj's avatar
The light is adorable......!:omg:
DanyC's avatar
Can you tell me what brushes you use?? They look alot different than the usual...

Great work, as always, you're one of my favorite Digital Artists.
Zweetchuck's avatar
i love this pic.
fav:ed it along time ago, but still think its great :)
fun to watch anytime
Zweetchuck's avatar
yeoo :) i would say more than ok :)
Comethius's avatar
A grand canyon scene, it's quite a simple painting but still displays all the beautyiful features of a canyon like piece, one thing that really caught my eye was lighting, this is a good example of that, I like the water in all its different places, and the horizon really makes this whole piece stand out by giving it that added touch of desert atmoshpere.
mrjzz's avatar
Beautiful speedpaint!
You're a true pro!
FinallyAtPeace2004's avatar
you did this in 30 minutes??? Did I ever mention how much I hate you?
HFizzle's avatar
If I’m correct, you used the chalk brush here, very professional brushing and great tones of warm colours.
Fused0001's avatar
wow thats looks good for only 30min, did you use a refrence?
alljack's avatar
I really struggle when it comes to drawing environments, to capture a whole picture in this time is like something id really like to be able to achieve.

Id love to know the fundamentals or train of thought when it comes to mapping out an environment as i just mishmash.


Blackwingz21's avatar
I'm in on that aswell
Man, that's cool. Do you select all of those colors by hand, or do you burn in dodge in some spots (sky, in particular)?
burningrose's avatar
Gah! Amazing! Proves how easy it is to capture details in the basics.... if you've got skills that raw!
BenMakesGames's avatar
I just discovered your art today, and it's amazing! I love everything from the expansive scenery to the people wandering detailed structures.

These speedpaints are also colorful... I particularly like this canyon. The gradient of colors is great.

[adds to watchlist :)]
eri-yisu's avatar
amazing play of colors in just 30 mins!
The canyon looks like it's coming to life under the rising sun *_*
rounindx's avatar
amazing colours!!!

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