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SP Off World Refueling

Hey all, :)

Just fooling around in a bit of spare time - a very quickly draw image, about 70-80 minutes work "A large freighter docks on a distant ore rich moon to refuel".

Orginal res 4.4k wide
painting time - 70-80 minutes
Intuos 3 tablet

Enjoy. :)

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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Guerrum's avatar
Awesome, man! Good job!
JustJaxx's avatar
Amazing vision!
MCPaddingtonMoFo's avatar
Inspiration overload!!! :O
space-commander's avatar
I like the rusty colors
Drogeny's avatar
Space ship and scenery awesome keep it up !!!
Trekkie313's avatar
C-Beams glitter in the darkness...
AveryMarx's avatar
These make me want to do some art myself. Very nice. More future cityscapes or scenes please :)
You inspire me.. I hope some day I'll be as good as you! :D
MicahJGunnell's avatar
Love the atmosphere on this...its amazing what you achieved in such a limited amount of time!
Fr3d0w's avatar
large n space. good job
Kuinnu's avatar
whoa...thats amazing...yo should paint it doin a hindenburg next
Caessaes's avatar
I like science fiction, I read the Foundation series of Asimov and this picture that me remenber the fantastic images of future.

Sorriy for my english I speak spanish.
00adam's avatar
stunning landscape as usual, great piece
mindscapebd's avatar
Ohh man... amazing futuristic landscape you create there. I love the colours and the concept of that art work! =D
ogrebear's avatar
Wow- looks like a scene from the Eve mmo!
Keyzzani's avatar
Rupture and Apocalypse? :D
Sheyrne's avatar
yeah! i love your environment too!! X)
kellyHyuga's avatar
WOW!!! dear I love you enviroments really awesome
theechoinside's avatar
Very moody, very nifty.
DSil's avatar
Hell's bells. Just fooling around? You're a monster. This is stunning.
darksidegirl's avatar
! oh god... I wish i could do this... in my spare time!!!

pyromanicelf's avatar
There is NOTHING of yours that I don't love. <3
Fabian4D's avatar
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