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SP - Mech world construction

"A mech construction site in a nebula, building sphere worlds."

This week we have been reviewing some potential new kit in the studio - Wacom Cintiq tablets. Today I have had a chance to draw on one for a while - and I really liked it.

Anyway, this is what I painted so far today, about 90 mins of work (It took a while to get used to the kit - drawing onto the screen is weird at first).

90 Minutes
Wacom CINTIQ Screen
3.6k wide

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Love the art.  But why the preference for PS CS3?
LOL - because I painted it in 2007? :D
JamarBHSamurai's avatar
Amazing! No words can even describe this beautiful blue-filled masterpiece 
Spyeder's avatar
Beautiful. Very rough, but that is what you get with a speed painting of this magnitude.

Never the less, beautiful.
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it´s fantastic ..... love it
Sheyrne's avatar
cool stuff man... X)
Worst-Nightmare's avatar
What Tier and human year could this possibly be?

Amazing work.
xigbar4ever's avatar
Very cool. I love the futuristic landscaping. Great colors. its like just before the sun rises
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Is this referring to a Dyson Sphere?
It's kinda hard to tell...
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This is incredible...the angle is spectacular.
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I've tried cintiq too, it's a great piece of hardware :D I just regret it's so expensive... But well perhaps one day for a special christmas =P
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stunning image...beautifuly done:)
AlexaSharlOt's avatar
WOW I like it, this piece of art is amazing it inspires me so much nice work can't wait to see more. :+fav: and :kiss:
hytym4y's avatar
Incredible, love it!!!
molybdenumgp03's avatar
beatifule color! 90 god
harkaan's avatar
amazing, I love all your work...+Fav is a definite

PS: Tutorial pl0x0rz
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you lucky b.tard :D a cintiq. i wonder how it feels to use such a piece of hardware. it must be, like you wrote, weird at the beginning.

as usual you really nailed down the lighting in this concept piece. i like it. i personally would have loved it to see a contrast color to the blue in it... maybe a red or orange. coming from the lightsource up there.

:thumbsup: sir :)
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I really love your style !
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This is one of those rare concept pieces that really draws you in. It's full of atmosphere... love it. :highfive:
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