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In recent years, I have not created as many large “vision afar” pieces as I did between 2000 and 2010. I have truly missed making this type of work, so this piece - created in November 2021 - is important to me.

“An old and worn out spacefaring vessel docks on a highly advanced distant sphere for repairs. Surrounded by high technology and millions of visitors from hundreds of other worlds; it hangs silently, tethered to a huge docking structure while it is reconditioned.”

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spartanx118's avatar

I've also been strongly considering going back to my roots, nice work.

Tavernaro's avatar

At its finest - your gallery is just outstanding, congrats! Greetings Rod

tadp0l3's avatar
kvacm's avatar

Daaaaamn... what a masterpiece! This si so amazing work! :la:

Linkark's avatar

My imagination always fly high with your works. Awesome piece!

submicron's avatar

Exceptional piece. Incredible hues.

ShootingStarLogBook's avatar

Incredible as always.

burningmonk's avatar
vanBlood's avatar

Awesome piece :clap: :nod:

Elandria's avatar

Goes without saying that I have missed seeing your "vision afar" pieces light up my watch list. More please!! This is stunning!

ZoeStarchild's avatar

Oh my gosh! This is beyond surreal! 😮 Glad that you can still create again. 😁

Mallacore's avatar

That is great. Love how vivid the environment feels.

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